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Wrestling Cheers for Cheerleaders

Collection of Cheers, Chants and Yells for Wrestling


Here is a collection of cheers, chants and yells that can be used for wrestling. They have been submitted by other Cheerleaders.

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Submitted by:Mags
Takedown, Reversal...
Or go for the Pin!
Stay off the bottom...
In Order to Win!
You Gotta Ride 'Em, Roll 'Em, Get that Pin!
Come on Mike (Guy's name), Let's Win!

Submitted by:Beki
When you're up, you're up;
When you're down, you're down;
When you're up against the Indians;
You're up (clap clap clap clap)
side (clap clap clap clap)
down (clap clap clap clap)
Up side down!

Submitted by:Flirtykisser
C'mon yall let's hear it!
Show some Panthers spirit! repeat 3Xs

Submitted by:Pam
Lions don't mess around uh huh (clap twice with uh huh)
Lions don't mess around no way (clap twice with no way)
Lions don't mess around, they just get down (do an 8 count combo of turns, claps and stomps)

Submitted by:Sexy cheering babe
Be aggressive,
Be aggressive,
Be aggressive!

Submitted by:Rachael Kelley
Who are you yelling for?
(town) X (team name) X!

Submitted by:Sexy cheering babe
Watch out we're here,
And we're ready to cheer,
We're blue, we're white,
And we're ready to fight!
watch out we're here,
And we're ready to cheer,
We're white, we're blue,
And we're gonna cheer for you!

Submitted by:Babygal
Hey, hey here we go,
Johnstown Trojans we are the best
Spell out our letters J-M-S
Yell it J-M-S!

Submitted by:Jenn
W-R-E S-T-L-E wrestle (team name) xxx for victory!

Submitted by:Emma
Sliding down the bannister, landing on a cactus;
We think the other team needs more practice!
Sliding down the bannister, landing on a flower;
We think the other team needs more power!
Sliding down the bannister, landing on a pin;
We think our team's gonna win!

Submitted by:Cece
Our team is back, we are ready to fight
Purple and silver let's win tonight!

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