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The Ultimate Guide to Making Dance Gear & Gifts

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Guide to Making Dance Gear & Gifts

Guide to Making Dance Gear & Gifts

Valerie Ninemire

The Bottom Line

Excellent book if you're looking for something creative & imaginative to do with or for your team. Detailed directions and drawings help you through each project. Lots of spirit gear & gift ideas.
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  • Well-Written and Adaptable for Any Spirit Team
  • Easy to Follow Directions
  • Material List for Each Project


  • No Table of Contents


  • Gear section includes instruction on how to make poms, dance/cheer bags, T-Shirts, and much more.
  • Gift section includes linen sets, frames, hair accessories, spirit bears and other gifts.
  • Design section which includes original design and pattern ideas.
  • Step by step directions, material lists and options so you can customize your projects.
  • A resource section covering other available books.

Guide Review - The Ultimate Guide to Making Dance Gear & Gifts

You're sure to find this book very helpful if you're looking for spirit craft ideas. The book covers spirit apparel, gear and gifts. Each project is made easy by detailed directions and drawings that even a novice crafter can follow. Although it appears the book is written for dance teams, don't let that discourage you. Every project can be easily adapted for Cheerleaders or other spirit squads. The only regrettable thing about this book is the fact that it ended. Hopefully we'll see another edition out soon.
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