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Our Cheerleading Angel
Cheer Prayer Written by: Tatjana Trozjuk, Monigue Meyer.
Jade Pearls Cheerleading Squad - Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

Our Cheerleading Angel
Tatjana Trozjuk and Monigue Meyer

Our Cheerleading Angel,
whose spirit lives on the sidelines,
holiest are your pom pons.

Your spirit comes,
your pride will be done,
on the sidelines, in competition, and at practice.

Lead us away from laziness,
forgive us our mistakes,
and grant us the strength to make every motion count,
every stunt stick,
and every routine amaze.

Give us daily discipline and self-confidence,
but deliver us from disrespecting those who compete against us.

May the spirit, the pride and the glory of Cheerleading live in our hearts always and forever!


About the Authors: "Coaching has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I had to start from scratch with these girls. Most of the girls didn't even know what cheerleading was when we started a year and a half ago. I had to start with the most basic of cheers and motions. Now they sound and look just American cheerleaders. They have worked so hard. If anyone ever asks you if they should coach an overseas team. Tell them go for it."

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