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The Letter
Cheerleading story submitted By Beth- "My seventh grade tryout experience - This about the my tryouts and me not making it last year... "

The Letter
by Beth

I ran out of the school quickly trembling with excitement. This was the day... The day of successes and failures... The day I would find out if I would have made Cheerleading. My friend walked out with me telling me she was going to take me to get a victory shake because I would make it. I had high hopes myself. As I took those few steps, I remember the last 4 days...

Day one: After being late from a track meet, all the returning Cheerleading hopefuls and us new ones jumped right into the act. We had missed the cheer but were working on the chant. I went with my friends and another former 8th grade cheerleader to teach us the chant. It was hard. We had to learn a swift stomping pattern. Me being the most klutzy person in the world ran into trouble with this. I finally began to get it and then finding out we were taught it wrong. Finally all 50 of us Cheerleading hopefuls lined up to do the cheer and chant together. I didn't do well. I walked home figuring tomorrow will be better.

Day two: We brought in our tapes to tape dance music on. My hands trembled as I gave the tape to the coach. I watched the dance as the former cheerleaders performed it and my eyes bulged out of my sockets. How I, queen of klutz going to learn it? I began to learn it step by step and I finally began to get it. I was told to come to my group to show how good I was doing. That made my day. I finally learned the cheer and chant right and I had gotten it. We did a whole cheer together and I went home smiling.. I did it! I cried when I came home. I hope our final day of clinic would be OK...

Day three: 24 hours until tryouts... We did all the cheers, chants, dance, and jumps and were told we would have a mock tryout. By the former cheerleaders... They came out and looked ridiculous in their "judge" gear. I got my number and found out I was last. Not the best place to be I learned.. I was told by the judges I wasn't happy enough... OK.. I tried to fix it and the mock tryouts were over. Tryouts were tomorrow.

I finally made it to the coach and she was holding a letter in her hand. It said my name and I opened it. I hadn't made it. I was one of 35 girls who didn't have what it took. I fell on the ground in tears. I was in shock. Then I remembered the tryouts.

I got in line ready to go. My group was next to tryout. One of the mothers said "Good luck."And I was pushed out there cheering my head off. I wooed which is one of the seven deadly sins of Cheerleading. I did my cheer which went fine. I was loud and smiling confidently. The dance took a turn for the worst... I messed up on one beat but kept going but I knew that had hurt my points. I then did the chant. I was off beat so horribly it was funny. I felt like I had failed. I ran out of the room cheering and doing cartwheels while the other girl did her individual cheer. It was my turn. The gym seemed eerily quiet. I ran out cheering and smiling jumping up and down. IT was down to this. I did my individual cheer fine except I had to start over which we were aloud to do once. I forgot to cheer at the end. I ran out cheering and saw my ride there. They asked how I did and I smiled hiding my sadness which I have a habit of doing. It was over..

I cried all that weekend and week. I was so overwhelmed with sadness like being stomped in the head. I was upset the entire summer that I couldn't see Bring it on the movie because it depressed me too much. My life took an upturn by making volleyball and my coach telling me when I would have made Cheerleading she would have been sorry not to have such a dedicated player on the team. My tryouts are fast approaching and I write this recalling every sad moment. I have improved this year and hopefully.. I will make it..

Reach for your own star!

*Note: Special thanks to Beth for submitting this story. Do you have a story or poem you'd like featured? Submit it here.

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