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Share Your Squad's Spirit with a Web Page
Build your Cheerleading squad a Web page - Share information, photos, news, and more.
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"Does your squad have a Web site?"
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Cheerleading Web sites are an excellent way to show off your spirit. You can share news, photos, tryout information, competitions, and so much more on one. And they are relatively easy to build and maintain even without any knowledge of HTML. So, gather your squad around a computer and start your Cheerleading Web page today.

The easiest way to begin is with one of the free places like Geocities, Angelfire, eTeamz or one of the others listed on the right in this article. These places offer free hosting and have easy to understand directions on getting your site up and running in no time at all.

Most of them also have templates available. With a template you can use a predetermined layout and navigation for the site. Ideally, this is the best way to get started with a Web page.

Tips on Building a Cheerleading Web Site:

  • Follow all copyright laws. It is usually against the law to copy someone's photos, graphics, and content without their express permission. Even if you say "courtesy of...", you need to get their permission first. Read the fine print to be sure you're within your rights.
  • Watch the load time on your pages. Stay away from large graphic, photo, or music files. If you can, optimize them for Web usage. Not everyone has a fast connection to the Internet, so if you must use large files, separate them on different pages.
  • Check all links on your site to make sure they are working. Nothing is more annoying than to want to go somewhere only to find the link is broken.
  • Check all spelling and grammar on your site.
  • Be sure to include some contact information. Email address, physical address, or phone number are all good. This not only gives people a way to contact you, but also lets them know where you're located in case they are interested in joining the squad.

Now, you've done all this hard work, and your site is ready for the world to see, be sure to submit it here.

Have fun and enjoy your Squad's place on the Web!

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