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Cheerleading Olympics

Cheerleading, an Olympic Sport?

Greg Norman, a professional golfer and torch carrier in a previous Olympics, suggested that golf be included in the Olympics. This got me to thinking, Hey! What about cheerleading?

On Norman's list of reasons to include golf was its global demographics. Well, cheerleading is definitely appealing globally. Not to mention, a bit more exciting to watch (my apologies to all golfers). So, I've put together the top ten reasons why I think cheerleading should be an Olympic sport.

Top Ten Reasons Why Cheerleading Should be an Olympic Sport...

  • All other Olympic sports could have their own official cheerleaders.
  • It could definitely be a coed sport.
  • There would never be a shortage of judges. Most men would kill for this job.
  • Language shouldn't be problem; how many ways can you say "Go, Team, Go?"
  • There would never be a need to drug test; cheerleaders are always smiling.
  • Rich countries wouldn't have an advantage; how many uniforms does a squad need?
  • It's easier to spell than gymnastics.
  • It could go either way, Winter or Summer.
  • No special equipment is needed, just give them some ground.
  • Pom Poms are cheaper than pole vaults.

Seriously though, what do you think? Are we on to something here?
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