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Laughing it Off
Part Two: This is another in a series of user submitted funny/embarrassing Cheerleading moments.
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Top Ten Reasons to Cheer "You get to be the center of attention :) - You get to wear cute little outfits - You get to be close to some of the best looking guys in school"
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Here are some more Cheerleading stories, recently submitted, that continue to prove Cheerleaders can laugh with you when you laugh at them.

Submitted by: Michelle
"Falling flat on my face!"

We were at an away game and the basketball court in the gym was set up so that you entered at the top and had to climb down the bleachers in order to get to the floor. Well there was this tiny 2 inch step down at the bottom of the stairs that I didn't notice on my first trip down.

Half-time came and I went to get myself a drink from the concession stand. On my way down I tripped over that tiny 2 inch step at the bottom of the stairs and fell flat on my face onto the basketball court. Everyone was laughing at me including some of the parents.

Submitted by: punky
"Camp - Shower Trick "

We were at camp over the summer and the varsity thought it would be a good idea to initiate the freshmen, well im a freshmen and here's how the story goes...

Well we were getting done from a long hard day of practice practice practice and the varsity cheerleaders told the freshmen that we could take the first showers cause it takes us the longest and theres only like 7 showers....so we all ran down there to get a shower, Lucky me, I was one of the first people in there..

Everything was going fine until the varsity girls came in and took all our towels and clothes and hid them, so we were in the shower freezin then they started singing and turned off the lights..

We were being serenaded while freezin our @$$ off, then they ran down the isle and ripped open the curtains..so everyone saw as bucknaked!!!!!

I know ur laughing now but it was pretty embarrassing at the moment!!

Submitted by: Sam
"Flying Pom-Pom"

So I'm on the JV Cheerleading squad and we're at our first basketball game. Here i am pumped and ready to do good. Everyone is excited and we all want to impress the crowd. We were fairly close to them and had about a yard of space so if we messed up everyone would see.

So after a particular cheer I was doing my usual jumps and kicks(you know rallying). Well little did i know a freshman girl on my squad had her pom poms in her hand. Here i go and do a great kick and all i hear is a scream and then i see it. A pom pom goes flying into the crowd and everyone is laughing.

Not only that we did horrible. Oh the humiliation that would follow. So bad i doubt anyone remember my star moment. !

Submitted by: CE-CE
"Bottoms Up "

Okay it was at our very first game, (The Murray-Wright Pilots) during Basketball season and it was an away game at another school. Our Cheerteam is like the best ever, so we were showing off and two of our teammates had back handsprings.

The first one ran and landed her back handspring, but tried to do a toe touch afterwards. "BUMMER" she fell in slow motion and fell on her face with her skirt in the air and her briefs were showing...How embarrassing.

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