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Laughing it Off
Part Three: This is another in a series of user submitted funny/embarrassing Cheerleading moments.
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Top Ten Reasons to Cheer "You get to be the center of attention :) - You get to wear cute little outfits - You get to be close to some of the best looking guys in school"
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Here are more funny Cheerleading stories that were recently submitted.

Submitted by: Kim
"Dance mess up"

I am on the freshman squad at my school and we were performing at winter assembly and we did our cheer and it was going good, untill we couldnt hear the cue to start our dance. So, we are standing there waiting and the music comes on so everyone starts late and at different times and confused looks on our face. We looked so bad. I dont want to show my face again!!!!

Submitted by: Jennifer Schriver
"Got Knocked over by a Valley Football player!"

I am a cheerleader for Burrell but one day our squad had an away game for football with our big rivarly VALLEY! The sidelines were we had to cheer at is a very small space and hardly any room to even cheer at! So during third quarter my cheerleading friends told me, Jen, you are going to get run over by a football player and I was like ya whatever!

We we doing a sideline and a big Huge Valley football player from out of nowhere came over to the sideline and knocked me over! I flew up into the air and landed right into the mud!

Noone would even help me up because they were all laughing so hard. I never was so embarrassed in my entire life! Luckly i didnt get hurt but i was just shocken up from the fall and my heart was pounding 100 miles per hour!

I still get made fun of all the time and i will never forget this memory! Now every football game that i cheer @ my friends always think i am going to get knocked over!haaaaaa:)

Submitted by: Kristi
"Practical Jokers"

Does any one else take those bloomer pictures? You know the ones where u bend over and flip up your skirt to the camera and show them off for fun? We do cuz our bloomers have our school initials on them. We take one every year at competition.

Well, my sophomore year, the older girls thought it would be cute to pull a joke on me. We all lined up like we always do, our backs to the camera about to bend over. When our captain yelled to bend over, I was the only one who did! The other girls held me down and made started slapping my butt and holding me in that bent over posistion. When we got the pic back, it looked like the whole squad was spanking me!!! How embarassing!!

New - Submitted by: Kristen
"ChEeRlEaDiNg TrAgEdY"

Every year we have a parade to show how much spirit our city has! Well it was outside and i had to do this stunt when ever we stopped. It was a cupie than a back flip off their hands. We were told not to were our bloomers so we wore our cheerleading pants. Well when i landed the backflip my pants fell down and everyone saw my red undies and I can guarentee you my face was redder than those panties!!

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