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Laughing it Off
Part Seven: More user submitted funny/embarrassing Cheerleading moments.
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Top Ten Reasons to Cheer "You get to be the center of attention :) - You get to wear cute little outfits - You get to be close to some of the best looking guys in school"
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The funny and embarrassing Cheerleader stories continue to come in. Here are more that were recently submitted. Enjoy.

Submitted by: Cuti
"Back HEADspring?"

This was way back in eighth grade. I was trying out to be a Jr. High cheerleader. At my junior high, a popularity vote was 20% of the overall tryout score. So all the kids in the school watched us do a cheer, a dance, and a tumbling pass.

I had a roundoff-backhandspring all ready to do for my tumbling pass, but when it was my turn I got a case of the shakies. I ran, did the roundoff, threw the backhandspring, and immediately fell on my head instead of my hands! Everyone was either laughing or worried. Needless to say, I still made the Jr. High squad!

Submitted by: Brittany
"Don't wear big pants to practice"

Well one day in practice me and my stunt group were practicing our flick. My back spotter wasnt paying attention to us and thought we were going into an extention. My bases went to flick me and i went flying up in the air and i ended up go behind my backspotter and landing on my head on the gym floor.

And the worse part is that the girl tried to catch me and ended up pulling my pants down. And when i landed on the floor I was too worried about my undies showing that i didnt even care if I was hurt or not. And to make it more embarrasing the janitor had seen the whole thing and my squad mates were laughing hysterically at me. Some of them wanted to call me "mooner". So just a lil lesson to flyers, "don't wear pants that are to big for you to practice"

Submitted by: lindzi
"Here it comes"

I love cheerleading so much, that when i made it for the first time it wuz like a natural high. As pratices and games went by, our squad got better and better.

Since i am one of the smaller girls on the squad i do most of the stunts. like: lifting, being elevated, full twists, etc...... i love doing it, its sooo much fun. i dont want anyone else doing it to tell the truth.

Anyway, oneday at cheerleading pratice (which the football players happened to be praticing on the same day, same place) we were going over cheers, dances, well and stunts. i just got elevated high into the air when all of the sudden a football was headed right for my face. i guezz u know what happened. before i knew it i was on the ground. not very hurt though.

So, here's a lesson: do not ever do a stunt behind a goal post!!!!

Submitted by: flurry
"St. Pauls Spartans, GO FIGHT UUFFFF"

We were at an away game and we were doing our cheer at half time. Ok it may sound like our team is really bad, but we are not. We won 2nd place at the regionals. Ok anyway, at the end of our cheer, it goes "St Pauls Spartans, go fight win", only it sounded more like "St Pauls Spartans go fight ugh!", because one of the girls on the squad had fallen trying to get on the other girls back.

Luckily, she was not hurt and she got right up and started laughing with every one else. that was pretty embarrasing though because a lot of people who we knew were there including some of the kids from our class.

Submitted by: Sarah

This is about my 18 year old sister. Once she was at Cheerleading Practice and she's been Cheerleading for 7 years. Anyway, they had been doing flips in the air, cartwheels, and handsprings. Well, my sister went to go do a cartwheel and landed on a boy. She was so embarrassed, she didn't go to school for a week.

P.S. She's Blonde

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