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Laughing it Off
Part Eight: More user submitted funny/embarrassing Cheerleading moments.
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Top Ten Reasons to Cheer "You get to be the center of attention :) - You get to wear cute little outfits - You get to be close to some of the best looking guys in school"
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Game day giggles shared by Cheerleaders. Enjoy these laughs and submit yours.

Submitted by: Kim
"Pay Attention to Your Games..."

I was the captain of the freshman winter squad at my school. And at one of our first games (basketball) I wasn't really paying attention to the game and I start calling a cheer.

Well of course it's the cheer with the longest call line....LETS GO LETS GO L-E-T-S G-O LETS GO!! And right when I get done, I realize the WHOLE gym is staring at me and I'm like uh...am I the only one going to cheer?

And I look down and our team is shooting a free throw. It was a really important shot which luckily he made. But I still haven't lived that down!!All my friends are like OK Kim, I think you can call a cheer now! it was horrible!!

It probably doesn't sound that bad, but when the whole gym is silent and your the only one yelling, with everyone staring at you, it is!! And the funny thing is, the other captain did the same thing in the very next game!!! !

Submitted by: Kim
"pep rally!"

Well at our winter pep assembly, my squad was performing. We did great too! We did our dance and I did my front handspring and everything.

Then we went to do our cheer. I dunno if you know it, it goes A-WE-S-OME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME ARE WE! And I thought we did it 3 times like we always do, but apparently I was wrong, b/c everyone stopped after the second time and I yell out A-WE.....and then I realized OOPS!! we were supposed to stop!!

The entire gym is quiet for a minute (the WHOLE school all the freshman, juniors, seniors!!) then they all bust up laughing! it was sooo embarrassing! but I just laughed it off and ran off cheering!! I still get teased about it, but its OK!

Submitted by: Lissa
"The mount go bad"

It was our big pep rally of the year. We just got new uniforms and they were really cool. They have slits on the side too.

Anyway, we ran out, and did our school song (tradition). Our mount was to do a scorpion. It is very hard. It is when the bases lift up the flyer into a double base, then to a liberty. Then the flyer bends back her leg, over her head. Well, the flyer totally messed up. But it ended up really cool.

Seem she misplaced her foot in my hand and for some strange reason, she did a backflip and we caught her. Although the some of the immature kids laugh cuz they saw her lollipop. It was a big hit, but embarrassing for us because some of the people already knew our routine and laughed at us and told everyone what happened!

Submitted by: Molly
"Crowd Jitters"

Well, all year we had worked REALLY hard for this major competition. We went tumbling out onto the floor with a thousand or so people watching. I get ready to complete my tumbling pass and I fall flat on my face!

To make matters worse, during the same routine, I forgot what stack we were supposed to be doing and I just stood there like a complete idiot until my friend yelled at me to get up into the basket toss!

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