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Cheerleading Motions Basics and Tips - About.com
Sure, a terrific jump or stunt might wow a crowd, but when you're careless or lazy in your fundamental Cheerleading skills like motions, you're sure to lose points ...
Cheeleading Motions - Cheerleading - About.com
Cheerleading motions with illustrations, clip art and photos. Learn the motions that Cheerleaders use, from your About Cheerleading Guide.
Cheeleading Motions - Take This Quiz - Cheerleading - About.com
Name these Cheerleading motions with this quiz for Cheerleaders. Motion photos in this fun quiz for Cheerleaders. From your About Cheerleading Guide.
Cheers to Involve the Crowd and Fans - Cheerleading - About.com
... in your cheering. Here are some cheers, chants and yells that do just that. ... And don't forget, if you have a favorite cheer you haven't seen listed, send it in. Cheerleading Tips ... More Cheers · Motion Magic · Motion Quiz ·...
Quick Tip For Doing Motions - Cheerleading - About.com
Cheerleading tip on doing Cheerleader motions correctly. Learn more about Cheerleading.
Before You Do a Cheer in Cheerleading - Cheerleading Cheers
In cheerleading, there are many factors that determine if you are doing a cheer correctly. Your motions have to be clean and sharp. You have to use your voice ...
Motions for Cheers - Cheerleading - About.com
Here you'll find resources on cheerleading motions. From quizzes to photos, everything you need to know about motions are here.
What You Need to Know to Become a Cheerleader - Cheerleading
If your dream is to become a cheerleader, then here is where you'll find information that will help you with tryouts, getting in shape, cheers, jumps, motions and ...
Cheerleading Primer - Cheer 101 - The Basics
Learn about Cheerleading with this Cheerleading primer. ... Cheerleading Motion Magic, tips on making your Cheerleading motions sharp and snappy. Share ...
Cheerleading Glossary Term - L Motion - About.com
Definition: A Cheerleading motion. Both arms form an L shape. The up arm should have your pinky facing the crowd and the side arm should have your thumb ...
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