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Going For a New Look - No More Bad Hair Days

Cheerful Hairdos and Don'ts


Cheerleaders are constantly jumping, cheering, tumbling and dancing around and the last thing they want to do is have to worry about their hair. Their sport, unlike some others, not only demands that they look neat and attractive, but also requires them to wear their hair in a practical way. Hair up and away from their face is the standard for most Cheerleaders.

The curly ponytail, while very functional for a Cheerleader, gets kind of old. Kristina in our forum probably expressed most Cheerleader's attitude about them when she said, "I am kind of bored with just the high curly ponytail ya know?!"

So, if you're going for a new look in a cheer hairdo, here are some tips and suggestions.

Hair Tips

  • Sometimes clean hair is harder to work with. You might consider not washing your hair the day of a game or competition.
  • Never wear anything sharp or pointed in your hair. It's best to avoid all metal hair accessories, stick with smooth plastic, or better yet, fabric.
  • Keep your hair away from your face and out of your eyes.
  • If you just have to wear rollers or curlers in public, consider using something like Curler Cozies.
  • Avoid excessive amounts of hair spray, gels and dressings. While cheering your body and your head release moisture (sweat) to keep you cool. These products can travel in your sweat and get in your eyes, nose or mouth.

Hair Style Ideas

  • Braids- Whether it be your regular braid or a French braid, what you can do with braids is only limited by your imagination. Look at these French braid ideas. *Tips: You can vary the look of a French braid, by either going over or under with the strands. Also, you can pick up hair to add into the braid on only one side. Or try pigtail French braids.
  • Buns- Buns aren't just for grandmas, they can be fun and sassy, so don't limit yourself. They can go on the top, sides or back of your head. Buns can be plain, braided or twisted. You can even try something like this Whirl a Bun to make lots of mini buns.
  • Cornrows or Plaits - These styles, although time consuming to do, look great.
  • Extensions and add-ons- With hair extensions and add-ons, you can get a new look without waiting for your hair to grow. You can also make straight hair curly. Be daring and try something new.
  • Hair Accessories - There are many hair accessories you can use in your Cheer hairdo including scrunchies, bows and ribbons. Experiment with these and different hairstyles for an exciting new combination.

Being practical doesn't have to mean being boring. Use your imagination, have fun, and take the initiative - You'll never have another "bad hair day".

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