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Top 10 Instructional and Educational Cheerleading Videos


Instructional videos are a good way to learn new skills or improve the ones you have. Here is a variety of cheerleading instructional videos that cover everything from stunting to tryouts.

1. Fundamentals of Basic Stunting Video by Pam Headridge

The importance of learning the fundamentals in cheerleading can never be stressed enough, which makes this video a needed addition to any coach's program.

2. Basic Jumping Techniques by Pam Headridge

Covers all the jumps from hurdlers to toe touches. Also includes stretching exercises to help enhance level of flexibility and strengthening drills to increase vertical jumping ability.

3. Winning it All! Pyramids

Winning it All! Pyramids with Saleem Habash. Learn pyramids, pyramid transitions, and combinations of pyramids. You will learn a variety of pyramids that will vary from basic pyramids to elite pyramid combinations.

4. Cheerleading Tryout Secrets

The National Cheerleaders Association sponsors this video. Learn drills, conditioning and technique, personal grooming tips with great demonstrations.

5. Dances and Quick Dances, Volume 9

Exciting new dances to inspire your squad! Dances & Quick Dances, Vol. 9 features three original 8-8 count dances and four 4-8 count dances. Expert ACF instructors teach and perform each dance to counts so you can plug in your favorites music.

6. Gymnastics: Tumbling: How to do a Better Back-Handspring

For Gymnasts, Cheerleaders, Martial-Arts students, Twirlers, Dancers or any one who tumbles, this is your source for beginner basics, intermediate improvements and advanced conditioning.

7. Cheerleading Routines

Although a bit outdated, this video is a good guide to the strenuous activities and fun of Cheerleading.

8. Cheer Power's Best Cheers And Chants

These cheers and chants are perfect for all levels of cheerleaders. All cheers and chants are slowly and clearly taught and demonstrated for your team to learn quickly and effectively.

9. Let's Cheer

Wonderful learning tool for beginning or experienced Cheerleaders. Learn cheers, stunts, jumps, dances, songs, stretches, and aerobics. Length - 35 minutes.

10. Cheerleading Strength And Conditioning

The American Cheerleading Federation staff will take you and your squad through many strength exercises that you can use at the end of your practices to condition your cheerleaders.
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