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Top 7 Cheerleading Dolls and Bears


Most little girls dream of becoming Cheerleaders and there is no better way for them to play out their dreams than with a Cheerleading doll or teddy bear. Explore these top picks in Cheerleading dolls and stuffed animals for play or collecting.

1. Cheery - Cheerleader Activity Doll

Cheery's clothing features a zipper button and snap on the skirt, tie and velcro shoes. She also has a megaphone that attaches with velcro and a pom-pom on an elastic band around her wrist.
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2. Pep Squad Girls

This is one of the most adorable Cheerleading dolls I've seen. There are six styles to choose from and they are so reasonably priced you can collect them all to form your own squad. The megaphone has a recordable feature, so you can record and play your own cheers.

3. MVP Cheer Teddy Bear

Create a truely UNIQUE bear, dressed in a customized uniform, trimmed with your team's colors and name with bows and Pom Poms to match.

4. Cheer Bears by Gund

You can order Christina, Brittany or Kaitlyn in blue, green or red outfits. Cute little cheer bears made by Gund, known for their stuffed animals.
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5. Debbie Lets Hear It for Friendship Cheerleader

Cute little Cheerleader teddy bear that will help you add spirit to your friendship.
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6. Cheerleader Flex Christie

Christie doll wears a trendy blue and red cheerleading outfit with velcro letters and real pom poms, too! There are thirty different letters for decorating and a megaphone that?s also a key chain for the girl, sweat pants and hoodie jacket plus pom poms!
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7. The Ashton-Drake Galleries Tweety Touchdown Doll

Created by famed doll artist Cindy McClure, this exclusive Ashton-Drake collectible doll is crafted of fine porcelain and just as cute as Tweety himself.
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