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Cheerleading 101 - The Basics

Start at the beginning with this Cheerleading 101 primer.
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  2. Cheerleading Camps and C...
  3. All About Tryouts

Motion Magic - Cheerleading Tips on Motions
Cheerleading Motion Magic, tips on making your Cheerleading motions sharp and snappy.

FAQ about Cheerleading
Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Cheerleading. From how to do a cartwheel to tryout tips, you'll find the answers here.

Cheerleading Motions
View the most common Cheerleading motions. Clip art and graphics for each one.

Creating an All Star Squad - Book Review
This book will provide you with everything you'll need; beginning with the planning stages to the first day of practice, the authors take you through the steps involved in starting a squad. Also included are sample forms, practical advice and a wealth of resources. If you're considering starting an all star squad, this book is a must-have.

So, You Wanta Be a Cheerleader?
Where do you begin? Great article on becoming a Cheerleader. What you need to know and where to start learning it.

About's Cheerleading Glossary
A complete glossary of Cheerleading terms.

About's Cheerleader - What it Takes
An article on the amount of work and dedication it takes to be a Cheerleader, from your About Cheerleading Guide.

Pampering Your Pompons
Learn how to order, care for and fluff your poms.

Selecting a Squad or Coach
Many people are under the impression that a Cheerleading squad picks the members, but ideally the members also choose the squad. So, if your son or daughter has voiced an interest in Cheerleading, you shouldn't just sign them up.

Shout it Out, but Save Your Voice
Whether you're trying out or shouting out to a crowd, your voice is an important part of Cheerleading. And although you might not give it a lot of thought since talking is almost second nature to us, the proper care and use of your voice is a must to cheer successfully.

So You Wanna Be a Cheerleader?
Great article on what it takes to be a Cheerleader, from qualifications to getting in shape.

Tiny Division
The Tiny division in cheerleading is for teams of athletes ages 5 and younger. They are allowed to compete at USASF Level 1. This division is usually offered at all competitions.

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