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Cheer Captain Quiz
What kind of cheerleading captain are you or would you make?
Special Thanks to Kait for suggesting this topic for a quiz.

Take our Cheerleading Captain quiz to see what kind of captain you are or would make.

At the last minute you find out your squad still has to make signs for a pep rally. You would...
Call all the members and arrange a sign making time and place.
Make the signs yourself or just call a few of your good friends to do it with you.
Tell the coach there is no way you or the squad can get it done.

One of your good friends on the squad comes to you with a problem she's having with another squad member you barely know. You would...
Talk to both people and try to work it out between them without taking sides. Consult with your coach and keep her advised of the situation.
Try to solve the problem between them, but never tell the coach there was a problem.
Do nothing and stay uninvolved.

You see a squad member behaving inappropriately. You would...
Go to the coach and tell her what you've seen.
Try to talk to the person but don't involve the coach.
Act as though you've never seen anything.

The coach has told you some information in a private meeting between just you and her/him. You would...
Never repeat the information.
Tell your best friend since the coach never actually told you not to repeat it.
Tell everyone and anyone.

The coach tells you the squad needs a new skit for an upcoming pep rally. You would...
Discuss it with the squad and then get back to the coach with a decision.
Make the selection yourself.
Tell her you'll do it and then don't bother.

Coach is running late for a practice, everyone wants to begin working on a stunt. You would....
Firmly tell them no, but get them started with warmups and exercises.
Tell them no.
Agree to begin without the coach present.

The coach mentions to you that she's considering making some changes to the squads positions. You know a member that would love to fly and has the ability to do it. You would....
Mention it to the coach and recommend this person.
Say nothing, let the coach decide.
Run to the squad and tell them what's going to happen before the coach has a chance.

Your best friend has told you she's going to miss a practice because she wants to be with her boyfriend after school. It's not the first time she's done this. You would....
Go to the coach and privately tell her what is happening.
Tell your friend she can't continue to do this and try to persuade her not to.
At practice make up a good excuse for your friend's absence.

You recently found out you've been selected the captain of your Cheerleading squad. You would....
Set up a meeting with the coach to go over what she expects of you and what your responsibilities will be.
Wait until you're told what to do.
Run around and brag to everyone that you're the captain.

You're asked to notify everyone of an unscheduled practice. You would....
Start calling everyone until you've reached the whole squad.
Try to reach everyone, but don't call back those you can't.
Call one person and tell them to call everyone else.

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