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Cheerleading Quizzes and Tests

Test your knowledge and learn more about Cheerleading. Quizzes and more.

Cheerleading 101 - The Basics Quiz
Here's a quiz on the basics of cheerleading. It's fun and it will help you test your knowledge of cheerleading.

New Stunt Quiz - Version 3
Try your hand at our newest cheerleading stunt quiz. See if you can name these stunts. Have fun.

Cheerleading Stunt Quiz Version 2
Take our newest cheerleading stunt quiz. It's fun and educational. See if you know these stunts by looking at a picture.

Cheerleading Stunt Quiz - Stunt Photos
Come take our newest cheerleading stunt quiz. There are 14 photos and 4 possible answers for each one. Choose the correct answer and get a score. See how well you know your cheerleading stunts.

Jump and Stunt Quiz
Take this quiz, see if you can name these jumps and stunts.

Cheer Terms Quiz
How Well Do You Know the Basic Terms Related to Cheerleading?

Cheer Safety Quiz
Try your hand at our newest quiz on safety for cheerleaders. It’s fun and educational. Special thanks to Debbie Bracewell, Executive Director of the National Council on Spirit Saftey and Education (NCSSE) for supplying the questions and answers.

Captain Quiz
What kind of cheerleading captain are you or would you make?

Motion Quiz
Can You Name These Cheerleading Motions?

Cheer Etiquette and Sportsmanship Quiz
You know your jumps, you can hit your motions with sharpness and you can stick every stunt, but are you a good Cheerleader? What about your behavior? Do you know about good sportsmanship, leadership and etiquette?

Who Wants to be a Cheerleader?
Based on the popular "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" game, take our Cheerleading version.

Who Wants to be a Cheerleader II?
Another version of the our Who Wants to be a Cheerleader game.

Whose Cheerleaders Are These?
Test your NFL Cheerleader knowledge.

Cheerleading Trivia and Quizzes
A collection of quizzes about cheerleading.

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