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Cheerleading Quotes

Cheer Quotes: Inspirational, Funny, Entertaining - Submitted by Cheerleaders.


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Cheer Quotes:

"This isn't about Cheerleading but it's the best quote! -Life is uncertain... eat dessert first!"; author Cheri, FL, USA

"Focus, hard work, and dedication is what we live by and we always remember to have fun!"; author Carolyn, NY, USA

"I love cheer and all of the many awesome qualities it brought to my life."; author Shannon, CA, USA

"I think of Cheerleading as a way of expressing the inner me. I love Cheerleading it is an awesome sport. It brings me up when I am down. I have trust in all my squad mates but I would like to see more guys out there go for the sport. Remember to always smile and give it your all. I love competing and watching those boys shake their bon bons! If cheerleading were any easier they would call it football!!"; author "Christa, FL, USA"

"Cheerleading is the only sport for me. I came to Cheerleading through a friend and I love it. I will go on with it untill Im old and not elastic anymore."; author Rea, Hannover, Germany

"Cheerleading is a rivalry, the competition makes you strong. Cheerleading is reaching out to comfort a sister who is sad, It is defending eachother in good times and bad."; author Leah, CA, USA

"Cheerleading has been so soo fun!I love it,you meet new people and have fun while your doin it.You learn new things and the camps are soo much fun!"; author Jackie, PA, USA

"Cheerleading is more than a sport, it's my attitude!!"; author Becca, ME, USA

"I love Cheerleading!! Football players have all season to prove themselves…we have 2 minutes and 30 seconds. That's the difference. The Cheerleading challege - Early morning practice, late night practice, weekend practice, summer-long practice, short skirts, barelegs, freezing rain. And your team is losing by 32…KEEP CHEERLEADING!!!"; author Allison, TX, USA

"Hands on hips, smile on lips, spirit in your heart,(clap calp)lets start"; author Michele, OH, USA

"I'm a crowd pleasing, cheer yelling, stunt building, short-skirt wearin', toe-touching, hand clapping, big smilin' CHEERLEADER!"; author Mal, IA, USA

"Cheerleading is the best thing ever... i love it! It is my life.. and remember Birds watch now you're not the only ones that can fly!!"; author O'Mally, NY, USA

"Cheerleaders are angels, because we are the only people who can fly."; author Amy, WI, USA

"It rocks, best sport in the world! Yes it is a sport!!!!!"; author Runt, MI, USA

"If Cheerleading was any easier, it would be all guys!!!"; author Mal-Lory-Brooke, PA, USA

"* * Cheerleading is the ultimate sport! I hope ya enjoy it as much as I do!! * *"; author Kaimei, CA, USA

"U can hold, me u can luv, me u can kiss me, and u can touch me, but dont u dare say Cheerleading is not a sport!!!"; author Allie, NJ, USA

"Always keep a smile on your face."; author Traci, CA, USA

"Cheerleading has brightened and broadened my whole life! I am healthier, happier, more spirited, and feel more complete!"; author Kristan, MO, USA

"If you feel silly, then you are doing it right!"; author Christy, NC, USA

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