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Cheers For Basketball

Spice up this Basketball season with some new cheers and chants.


PHOENIX, AZ - APRIL 06: Phoenix Suns cheerleaders perform during the NBA game against the Oklahoma City Thunder at US Airways Center on April 6, 2014 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Suns defeated the Thunder 122-115.
Christian Petersen / Getty Images
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Submitted by: Cheer_Angel

Angel, Angel on that rink
Please let the ball go right in
Swish XXX Swish!

Genie, Genie grant my wish
Let me hear that ball go
Swish XXX Swish

Submitted by: Teresa

T-R-Y (x2)
Don't even try (x2)
Don't even try, we're gonna pass you by
So don't even try (x2)!

Submitted by: KAITLINMIZ

For other team foul shoots:
Hit the rim and spin
But don't go in!
*on the word "spin" make a spinning motion with your right pointer finger and on "don't go in" clap down so it kind of looks like you're saying don't with your hands, no transition*.

For foul shots:
Basket, basket, do it again,
You're on that line,
one more time.
So put it on in!

Submitted by: CMOROS

We got giant feet!
We're over 6 feet tall!
We can dibble, shoot, swish and that ain't all
We go Basketballlll
Here we go now
Basketballlll (repeat 2 mores times)

Up up up the court
Down Down Down the court
Up the court
Down the court
We want two!

Submitted by: COSSACKPRNCS

G- G-O-O X Go X Go

D-E-F-E-N-S-E, Block that shot XX Defense! Block X That X Shot X (chant over and over again)

Shoot for 2 X 2 X 2 X X !

X=pause or clap

Submitted by: BLONDEMOMEN3

2, 2
We want 2,
Yes, Yes,
Yes we do!

Shoot for 2,
Put it through XX

Up, up, and in!

Move it,
Don't lose it,
Take that ball to the hoop!

Take that ball away,
Take it the other way!

Defense attack,
Get that ball back!

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