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A collection of cheers & chants from cheerleaders


Cheerleaders are always looking for new and exhilarating cheers. They tend to like crowd pleasin', foot stompin', hand clappin' cheers or chants. The kind that will get the fans moving, raise the rafters on a court or shake the ground in a stadium. They love to inspire and arouse the spectators to enlivening heights.

So, in our quest for this sort of cheer, we've had our users submit their favorites. The result is our Collection of Cheerleaders' Favorite Cheers.

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Submitted by: UHSCHEERLEAD

Hey Tanks, let's do it!
The Shermans can't be beat!
Come on crowd, let's hear it now!
UHS is number 1!
Yell it
UHS is number 1,

Favorite chants
Purple Power

We got the ball, we got the ball, Shermans, go, go!

T-A-NK-S Tanks (pause,pause) the Best!

Submitted by: PLAYFULANGEL

Hey, Hey, Get Ready
Ready for the Best
We're the ____ From _HS
Doing it Together
Will Prove that it's True
So Everybody Fight for the Red, Black, and White

Come on, Come on
Lets Score
Go for six More

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