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Part Two: More Cheerleaders' favorite cheers. A collection of cheers and chants


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Submmited by: MINELLE

Watch out (Pause)
We´re here (Pause)
and ready to cheer.
The blue and the white
Are here to fight.
So, yell with us this little words.
Yell blue and white (Pause)
Fight Huskies fight.
Blue and white (Pause)
Fight Huskies fight.

Submitted by: KAT01669

(hit it)
Come on
Lets go
For victory~
For the purple
for the gold
and the white
Lets win (pause)
Lakers lets fight~

Submitted by: SILVERCHEER

Who rocks the house
I said the Spartans rock the house
and when the Spartans rock the house
They rock it all the way down!

Bulldogs is our name and football is our game
Blue is our color and silver is the other
Hey! You think your *good
Hey we know we're *good
*(or you can change good to bad as in bad meaning good)

Submitted by: TIGGERNELL64

Beat 'um! Bust 'um!
Beat 'um bust 'um that's our custom!!

When the mighty Rams come through the door!
They're gonna dribble that ball right down the floor!
They're gonna roll that score right to the sky!
'Cause we're from Springfield High!!

Oo! Ah! You wish you were a Tiger!
Oo! Ah! You wish you were a Tiger!

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