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New Cheers and Chants

Our Newest Collection of Cheers and Chants Submitted by Cheerleaders and Coaches


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Submitted by: Cheergurl2002

We're strong (pause) and proud (pause)
The Tigers are the best,
We're on our way,
Stand up and say
W - H - S
yell it
W-H- S!

Hey, we're # 1
Just wait (pause) and see
WHS a Tiger victory ( pause)

Submitted by: Candace

People in the front: let me here you grunt,
People in the middle: shake it just a little,
People in the back: show us where your at,
People in the stands: jump up and clap your hands

Submitted by: Mya

Knock 'em Down,
Roll 'em Round
Come on Defense

Look out we'll getcha,
cuz we don't take defeat!
Look out we'll getcha,
gonna knock ya off your feet!
Look out we'll getcha,
'cuz we've got that beat,
'cuz we've got that beat!

Submitted by: Lindsay

Sink or swim
Do or die
Come on _______
Break that tie !
Note: Say 3 times. Each time say it faster. Clap and stomp.

Submitted by: Angie

We're the mighty mighty ________
Nobody better mess with us.
If they do we'll just say,
Another one bites the dust,
Another one bites the dust.

Submitted by: Anonymous

JAre you ready (pause) to rock? The (teams name) can't be stopped! Watch out, (other teams name) We're on fire tonight (pause) C'mon (team's name)... Fight, Fight, Fight! So just letting you know To sit back and watch the show Cause the (team's name) are just about to score (pause) Six (pause) more! (clap, clap, clap)

Submitted by: Paulina

Hey you!
Stand up and yell the ______ are here
We're number one
Green and white (or your colors)
Lets here you cheer
Yell it
Lets here you cheer

Green and white (or your colors)
Once again Come on now
Yell Go- Fight- Win
Go- Fight -Win
Yell it Go- Fight- Win.

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