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Cheers for Cheerleaders

Football Cheers for Cheerleaders


Browse our collection of football cheers for cheerleaders. These cheers were submitted by cheerleaders and are perfect to use at football games. And don't forget to be creative by changing them up to fit your squad's needs. Add in some cool motions, formations and stances and you'll be set to wow the crowd at your next game, pep rally or competition.

If you have a favorite cheerleading cheer you haven't seen listed, be sure to send it to us. Details are below.

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Submitted by: Cheerleader

Touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, boys.
You make the touchdowns, we make the noise.
A boom, boom (jump and turn to the left).
Hey, a boom, boom (jump and face the back).
Hey, a boom boom (jump and face the right)
Can you feel it?
A boom, boom (face the crowd)- Hey!

Submitted by: Jaydaxx

Hey, Hey you know what to do,
you got to rock with the white,
and jam with the blue!

Submitted by: Dwayneca

Work It, W-H-S let's work it
(clap, clap, clap, clap clap)
Work it (clap) woo!
Presidents (your team name), you know how we do,
get off your seats and work it through!
Work it, hey
work it, hey (repeat 1x)
W-H-S let's work it (clap)!

Submitted by: Lexi

That's what the Seahawks are!(Repeat 3 times)

Submitted by: Cheerchicitee

Tighten up that defense.
I said hold that line!
(clap, clap, clap)

Submitted by: Michelle

We all got together and this is what we said.
We're gonna F-I-G-H-T
We're gonna S-C-O-R-E
We're gonna fight
We're gonna score
We're gonna win tonight! WOOHOO

Submitted by: Katelyn

What about, what about,
What about that color shout?
Green, green, green, green,
White, white, white, white, white, white, white,
and gold (clap x2 and stomp x2) and
gold (clap 2x and stomp x2)!

Submitted by: Tiger_cheerleader

8th (any grade) grade, 8th grade,
Don't be shy, stand up and give your battle cry
That is our 8th grade battle cry!
Tigers (school Mascot), Tigers
Don't be shy, stand up and give your battle cry
That's our tiger battle cry!

Submitted by: Erika

Come on, all you Granville fans.
Let me hear you clap your hands [clap hands 10 times].
Now that you got the beat,
let me hear you stomp your feet [stomp feet 10 times].
Now that you got the groove,
let me hear your body move [say arooototot arooototot huh 1 time].

Submitted by: Dolgeville Cheerchick08

1, we are the Devils.
2, we still can't hear you.
3, a little bit louder.
4, more, more, more! (repeat 3 times)

Submitted by: Bubbles

Go, Gators, go,
Fire up tonight!
All the way to victory,
fight, Gators, fight!

Submitted by: Cheer_4_life

Are you ready for the challenge?
Are you ready to be stopped?
We're the mighty Cougars (team name),
and we're reaching for the top.
YES, reaching for the top!

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