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Cheerleading Cheers for Basketball Cheerleaders

Basketball Cheers for Cheerleading and Cheerleaders


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This is a collection of basketball cheerleading cheers. Most of the basketball cheers here were submitted by cheerleaders and are yours to use as you wish. Use your own motions add movements to add your touch to these cheerleading basketball cheers. Or if you change up the words and you can use these at an upcoming cheerleading try out.

If you have a favorite cheerleading basketball cheer you haven't seen listed, be sure to send it in.

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Submitted by: Callie

Hey, hey, go, fight, win,
Hey, hey 'til the end.
Hey, hey, go, fight, win,
Until the very end!
(repeat 3 times)

Submitted by: Rachael

We got the spirit, yea,yea.
We got the spirit, yea,yea.
We got the North, the South, the East, the West,
(Say your team's name) don't play no mess.
We got the spirit, yea, yea.
We got the spirit, yea, yea.
We got the North, the South, the East, the West
(Say your team's name) don't play no mess,
We got the spirit!

Submitted by: Haley

Basket - we need it, need it.
Basket - we got it, got it!
(repeat 3 times)

Submitted by: Gabby

Genie, genie, grant my wish.
Let me hear that ball go swish!

Submitted by: A.J.

Down, down, down, the court.
Up, up, up the score.
Down the court, up the score,
We want more!
Repeat 2 times.

Submitted by: A.J.

Dribble it.
Pass it.
Let's make a basket!

Submitted by: Raven

Did it roll around the rim?
And did it go right in?
Uh huh! (clap clap)
Okay (clap clap), go Wildcats (team name)!

Submitted by: Ashley

Warriors (stomp twice)
Get on your j-o-b
S-c-o-r-e and score!
Repeat 3x

Submitted by: Caitlin

We're mad, we're mad,
We're really, really bad.
You can't touch this.
We're better than you,
'cause we're up by two!

Submitted by: Robyn

We don't need no music,
We don't need a band.
All we need are (bobcats),
Jamming in the stands.
Jamming in the stands!

Submitted by: Samantha

We're 1, not 2, not 3, not 4
We're gonna win, not lose, not tie that score.
We're on top, not bottom, not in between.
So Lion fans get on your feet and scream!

Submitted by: ShyBaby

The hoop is open.
The net is hot.
Make that shot!

Submitted by: Brittany

What does that spell?
Let's go!
So, let's go Warriors, let's go, let's go!

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