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Cheers and Chants
A Huge Collection of Cheers and Chants Submitted by Cheerleaders and Coaches.

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Submitted by: CHEERMACHS05

To the hoop everybody!
To the hoop everybody!
Slam dunk! Do the jerk!
Let me see your body work!

Submitted by: JCHEERG

A-t-t-a-c-k the lions are back
A-t-t-a-c-k were leading the pack
A-t-t-a-c-k attack attack attack!

Note: start out real quiet then get louder and louder
We are the Lions, couldn't be prouder
If you can't hear us, well, yell a little louder

Submitted by: CHEERCHIK136

Go Blue,
Go White,
C'mon Devils Let's Fight!

See XX the victory
Not far from sight. X
Watch X the Devils,
Our champions tonight.
Show X your spirit
Support our mighty team.
Watch the defeat of the (opposing team) in their dreams

Submitted by: Megan

Awesome oh wow,
Like totally freak me out,
I mean right on, (clap clap)
The ____ sure are number 1!

Submitted by: SOONERBABY22

We're back * this year
And better than before (Team)
* (Mascot) * * back for more!

We've come to win * and rise to the top
Red and White * * We can't be stopped
You think you can beat us
Get out of town
(Team) is the best * * BOW DOWN!

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