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Cheers and Chants
A Huge Collection of Cheers and Chants Submitted by Cheerleaders and Coaches.

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Submitted by: CHEERCHICK4

Awesome, oh wow, like totally freak me out,
I mean right on!
The Cougars sure are number 1!
Hey, Tigers (yeah)
We got one thing to say!
You mess with us!
We'll kick your butts!!
Our heads are high!
Our feet are low!!
And that's the way we like to go!!
The original-the best-yeah you better believe it!
Heading for greatness and we will achieve!!
We got it!
Yea yea we got it!!

Submitted by: MLKCHEER2003

Awww yeah it's the (pause pause pause) Eagles
Impressive, incredible and we've only just (nod) begun
Green, silver, and white were simply #1!

Eagle fans lets hear it
Stand up and cheer we are #1
The Eagles of E-H-S, Yeah!

Submitted by: HEARTCRY2

If you wanna win you gotta yell with all your might
You say go, we say fight
Go go
Fight fight
Go fight!

Submitted by: TTOWNNAFAN

We got the spirit, ya ya
We got the spirit, ya ya
We got the north *put your left hand in front of you like your leaning on something*
The south *right hand in back of you the same way*
The east *left hand on left side*
The west *right hand on right side*
Temple Terrace girls won't take no mess! *while you say this, you keep your hands where they are and kinda just bounce your butt around in a circle* it's cute!!

Submitted by: CHEERIN_CHIC

Hey everybody get up off your seat.
The oogie woogie rhythm starts with ya feet.
Once you get the rhythm, ya hips start to POP.
Chillin' with the Huskies, ya never wanna stop!
X XX seat. X XX feet. X XX POP. X XX stop!

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