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Cheer Soxx - Shoe Covers for Cheerleading Shoes

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Cheer Soxx Covers for Cheerleading Shoes

Cheer Soxx Covers for Cheerleading Shoes

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The Bottom Line

Simple and unique. Cheer Soxx are slipped over your competition shoes to keep them clean and looking new while waiting to compete. I found the Website a bit confusing as to what base colors you could order (there wasn't a color chart), but didn't actually order any so I'm not sure how they work. From what I understand you can order plain Cheer Soxx, Cheer Soxx with solid toe bows or Cheer Soxx with custom toe bows.


  • A very novel idea and anything that can extend the life of your shoes is worth the money.
  • Shipped according to the actual size of your shoes.
  • Very easy to slip on and off.
  • Can color coordinate with your team colors.
  • Offers group and gym discounts.


  • Website didn't offer a color chart or explain the base color choices.


  • Well made and easy to use.
  • Cheer Soxx slip on and off easily.
  • Sized according to your actual shoe size.
  • Toe bows are interchangeable and available in a number of colors.
  • 2-3 weeks delivery.
  • Group and gym discounts available.
  • A portion of the proceed help victims of bullying.
  • Order online via their Website.

Guide Review - Cheer Soxx - Shoe Covers for Cheerleading Shoes

Cheer Soxx are a very exciting idea thought up by a 10 year old all star cheerleader. She wanted to keep her competition shoes clean while waiting to compete. From there, Cheer Soxx were born. They are such a novel idea and perfect for anyone wanting to extend the use of their cheerleading shoes. Because the little girl was a victim of bullying, a portion of every sale is donated to her cause and the elimination of bullying.
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