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Cost Saving Tips for Cheerleading

Looking for Ways to Save Money?


Every day we hear more bad news about the economy and it's inevitable that eventually the cost-cutting, layoffs and credit crunch will hit the cheer industry. So, what can you or your squad do to ease the burden of having less money and continue to keep on cheering? Hopefully, these cost-saving cheer tips will help you get on your way to saving money and making it through these hard times while still being able to cheer.

  • Recycle, Reuse and Reinvent - This tip has endless possibilities as you think about it. If you have a two piece uniform, only replace one part of it this year. Change up your accessories like socks and hair bows for a new look. Try a new squad hairdo or a new makeup style. Pick a new accent color and use it for new spankies or briefs.
  • Barter and Trade - Does your squad need something locally? If so, go to a local business that has what you need and see if you can't trade your services for that product. For example, if your squad needs paints and sign making supplies, go to a local craft store and ask if you can do some work for the merchandise. This can even work for cash if the squad needs to raise money. You can trade out or sell t-shirt advertising for the funds.
  • Stay Closer to Home or Carpool to Events - Save travel costs by selecting events closer to home where you might be able to save overnight hotel costs and other travel expenses. Or depending on your area and the location of other squads, try getting together with other teams to see if you split the cost of traveling.
  • Get Creative - Put your heads together and bounce ideas off of each other. If the squad needs something, discuss it with the whole team and try to figure out a way to get it for nothing or at a lower price. Remember, the worst thing someone can say is "no" and you won't be any worse off than you were before you asked.
  • Be Sensitive to Others on Your Team - If someone has to quit the squad, consider that it might be for financial reasons. Be sensitive to others and be discreet. No one wants charity, but if there is a plan in place you might be able to help someone while still giving them the opportunity to feel like it's not a handout.
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