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No Limit Cheerleading Shoes

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No Limit Cheerleading Shoes

No Limit Cheerleading Shoes

Photo © 2010 No Limit Footwear

The Bottom Line

Everyone that I've talked to and that has tried these shoes raves about them. They are comfortable, durable and specifically designed for cheerleading. They are well tested and with over two years of development and research behind them, they are right up there with all the best cheerleading shoes on the market.
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  • Light weight.
  • Durable.
  • Designed for performance.
  • Great company with an excellant reputation.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • This really has nothing to do with the shoes, but they don't have the best Web site.


  • Light Weight and Durable.
  • Support - designed high enough for support while allowing rotation and flexion for jumping and tumbling.
  • Power Sole with the intent to maximize jump height
  • Comfort - provides cushioning on impact when landing from jumps and tumbling.
  • Stunting Stability - special grips where hands of bases hold flyer’s foot for all girl and coed stunting.

Guide Review - No Limit Cheerleading Shoes

Support, durability, performance, stability and comfort are all qualities you need in an exceptional cheerleading shoe and No Limit Footwear has produced cheerleading shoes with "all that you need." They hold up through practices, performances and even every day wear. They are reasonably priced and have years of research and development behind them. Tested by the best squads in the industry, No Limit has placed no limits on what they have produced for the sport of cheerleading.
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