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BruiseMD Cooling Gel

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BruiseMD Cooling Gel - Homeopathic Remedy Accelerates Healing of Bruises

BruiseMD Cooling Gel - Homeopathic Remedy Accelerates Healing of Bruises

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The Bottom Line

I tested this product on a bruise I had recently gotten and although I couldn't really tell if it healed faster (I didn't have another bruise to compare it to), I can say that it made the area feel better. The cooling effect along with the pain relief did help immensely. Considering that most cheerleaders get bruises from time to time, I'd recommend keeping a tube of BruiseMD in your gym bag and in any first aid kit you keep for your program.


  • Greaseless, quick drying, pleasant smelling, cooling gel
  • Relieves pain, stiffness, inflamation and accelerates healing of bruises
  • Homeopathic - contains Arnica
  • Created by a doctor
  • Can be purchased online


  • A bit pricey at $12.95 for 2 ounces but a little goes a long way


  • Grease-less, pleasant smelling, cooling effect and relieves pain and soreness.
  • Advertised that it accelerates the healing process of bruises and the discoloration associated with them.
  • Topical products are available in 2 ounce tubes.
  • Some products contain pineapple and/or papaya. You should read the labels closely if you have allergies.
  • Topical products should not be applied to open wounds or near the eyes.
  • BruiseMD’s topical formulations all contain arnica montana, which is suppose to increase blood flow to the bruised area.
  • Other products available from BruiseMD are Analgesic Balm, Soothing Cream and Enzymatic Tablets.

Guide Review - BruiseMD Cooling Gel

BruiseMD has a variety of different products to help accelerate the healing of bruises along with relieving pain, soreness and inflammation. I used the BruiseMD cooling gel (which contains Arnica) and found the product worked as advertised. It was pleasant smelling, had a great cooling effect and did relieve the pain and soreness at the site of my bruise. BruiseMD products are available online and do not require a prescription. I have to note that I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical training. My opinion of the BruiseMD products is based solely on my personal experience with them. You should always consult a heath care professional before you start any medication or treatment.

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