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Full Up Machine

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Core Athletics's and Scott

Core Athletics's and Scott "Crasher" Braasch's, Full Up Machine

Photo © 2009 Core Athletics

The Bottom Line

I have seen this product demonstrated both on YouTube and in person. I was really amazed at how quick the demonstrator took to it and mastered the use of it. It's well constructed, and the design and theory behind it comes from a collaboration between Core Athletics and Scott "Crasher" Braasch, two well-know figures in the world of cheerleading. I love the idea that a flyer can practice something without using bases and spots. It saves energy, resources and it also better prepares the flyer safety-wise. If you own a gym or coach a cheerleading, the Full Up Machine is a good investment.


  • Saves energy when trying to learn a full up.
  • Teaches flyers to use their core and stay focused.
  • Well constructed and designed.
  • Knowledgeable and Reputable company.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • None.


  • Well constructed and designed with cheerleaders in mind.
  • Relatively light weight and portable.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Tested on numerous cheerleaders.
  • Very reasonably priced at $129.
  • Can order online.
  • To see a video demonstration on this product, go to YouTube and search for "Full Up Machine."

Guide Review - Full Up Machine

I can't always personally test products so for this review I asked Tara Zinslen, soon to be Tara Bencomo, to demonstrate and try the Full Up Machine as I watched. Tara is a coach at Top Gun All Stars, Head Coach at Florida Gulf Coast University and a former Ohio State University Cheerleader. She is also the SITA Executive Director. Her impression of the Full Up Machine was, "It is a great tool to learn how to keep your core and to stay hollow. Not only can it be useful for full ups, but it can also teach the fundamentals to fulling or 360'ing down (full twist cradle)."

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