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Top 10 Perfume for Young Women and Teens


The perfume you wear should make you feel good and in a subtle way say who you are. There are many fragrances for young women, so take some time to check them out and find one that fits you and your lifestyle. Experiment and have fun. Below are just a few perfumes that are well liked by young women.

1. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

Great summer or spring scent. Not too over-powering, but may be a bit pricey. Playful, citrusy and kind of sexy.
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2. Abercrombie & Fitch

Sweet and light fragrance. Projects a youthful and stylish image. Well liked by Steph in the Cheerleading forum.
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3. Jennifer Lopez Glow

Bright citrus fruits are mingled with sheer florals, warmed with soothing vanilla and musk. Glow has a lot of feminine sparkle.
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4. Dessert Beauty Kissable Love Potion Fragrance

Kissable and impossible to resist, these delectable fragrances are infused with three delicious scent combinations: French vanilla and smooth caramel (Creamy), rich milk chocolate and coconut confection (Dreamy), and fresh, berry sweet with a subtle hint of crisp green bouquet (Juicy). Designed by Jessica Simpson.
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5. Curious by Britney Spears

A fresh floral fragrance for energetic women.
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6. Pink Sugar

Stylish and lively, with a distinctive personality. A nice blend of vanilla and caramel.
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7. cK Be

cK Be is a unique tonic musk that's clean and fresh.
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Vivacious. Fun. Spirited. An enchanting fragrance for woman who get a thrill out of life. Delicious, pinks, sparkling fresh floral based that is sweet, delicate and sensitive.
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9. Britney Spears Fantasy for Women Eau De Parfum

Fantasy By Britney Spears Is The 2nd Of Her Perfume Line, Launched In 2005 As A Fun, And Invigorating Scent. This Feminine Scent Possesses A Blend Of Red Lychee, Kiwi, Cupcake, Jasmine, White Chocolate, Musk, Orris Root. Fantasy Is Recommended For Daytime Wear.
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10. Clean Fun

A fresh bubble bath blast with top notes of green tangerine, grapefruit, orange, and limes followed by a rosewood middle note, a touch of lavender, and a sweet creamy base note.
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