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Cheerleader Nation - Lifetime Television's New Docu-Soap About Cheerleaders

Lexington, Kentucky's Dunbar High School Cheerleading Squad


Cheerleader Nation Lifetime Television

Kentucky's Dunbar High School Cheerleaders

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On March 12 at 10 PM (EST/PT), Lifetime Television will premier Cheerleader Nation, a docu-soap that highlights the ups and downs of Kentucky's Dunbar High School cheerleading squad. The program will follow the tumultuous journey the squad and their parents travel on their way to a third national championship.

For eight consecutive weeks, you'll get to experience everything from the squad's try outs to their performance at the UCA National Championships. And during this time, you'll get to know the 22 young women, their parents, their coach and their choreographer.

Some of the cast (although I'm not sure that's the right word, since they're not actors) includes:

  • Coach Donna Martin - whose daughter, Ryan, is a star on the squad.
  • Saleem - the team choreographer whose mission is to get each girl to learn the routines.
  • Ryan - Donna's daughter who struggles for her mom's approval.
  • Ayrica - Her father is a football-lover and always wanted boys. Now he finds himself surrounded by an all women family.
  • Megan and Alexa - the only sisters on the squad. Alexa is a sophomore and looks up to her older sister, Megan, a senior. Alexa wants to be known as more than "Megan's sister", while Megan struggles with boyfriend issues and graduating high school.
  • Katie - Megan's friend and a former soccer player. She develops into a skilled cheerleader but will she be resented for her accomplishments?
  • Chelsea - known as the "princess of the squad", Chelsea has to deal with jealous boyfriends and a free-spirited, motorcycle-riding mom.

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