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Education for Coaches

Resources for education of Cheerleading coaches and advisors.

Tumblebear Connections - Instructional Materials
Tumblebear Connections instructional material for gymnastics, cheer and yoga.

Spotlight on SpiritU
Online Classes and Certifications in Cheerleading, Dance/Drill Team, and Colorguard. Interview with Leslie Goettsch - Owner and Founder of SpiritU™.

Coaching Your Daughter
Can You Do it Successfully? Recently I had the opportunity to interview Nancy Torrenti, a mother who has coached her daughter in cheerleading for six years. I was immediately struck by the fact that she had done it successfully. Her relationship with her daughter had not suffered, in fact it seemed stronger.

Writing the Rules
What rules and regulations should your Cheerleading squad have to follow? Sample Cheerleading Constitution and Practice Rules.

Creating an All Star Squad - Book Review
This book will provide you with everything you'll need; beginning with the planning stages to the first day of practice, the authors take you through the steps involved in starting a squad. Also included are sample forms, practical advice and a wealth of resources. If you're considering starting an all star squad, this book is a must-have.

The Journal of a Cheerleading Coach
A different kind of tryout, by Kaitlin Mizikar. "All cheerleaders have to go through tryouts, and while most high school Cheerleaders where going through the many emotions of tryouts the spring of 2001, I was going through a different kind of try out."

Starting a Coed Squad at Your High School
Dynamic. Powerful. Athletic. Exciting. Phat. Nontraditional. These words all describe my mind's picture of coed cheerleading. Maybe it's the monstrous basket tosses. Maybe it's the pure exhilaration of toss overhead stunts. Maybe it's the beauty of synchronized tumbling seven feet off the ground. Whatever it is, it's what makes coed cheerleading one of the greatest games around.

Helpful Hints for High School Cheer Coaches
Designed just for Cheerleading Coaches, lots of helpful hints to make your tryouts a success. From Varsity.com.

AACCA Education
American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors is dedicated to the safe and responsible practice of student cheerleading. They offer safety news, guidelines, certification and education for coaches and advisors.

American Cheer Power
Formerly known as the Texas Cheerleading Association, American Cheer Power offers coaches certifications. Camps and competitions too.

Cheer LTD CheerCon
Whether you are a new coach or a veteran who just can't quit, a team captain or a cheer fanatic, a vendor with that latest and greatest...you are invited to CheerCon

Sadler and Company Sports Insurance
Sadler and Company Sports Insurance are specialists in insuring sports leagues, associations and organizations. Lots of helpful information and tips. Learn more.

Varsity.com - Know Your Role
A coach's guide to assigning responsibility to squad members, from Varsity.com.

UCA - Coaches Program
Universal Cheerleaders Association has focus groups and panel discussions to give you a chance to share ideas, training tips, leadership skills and team building practices.

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