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Part 10: More Cheers - Cheerleaders' favorite cheers.


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Submitted by: mahurst

Victory, we wanna win,
Do it again
W-I-N Farmers will win,
W-I-N Farmers will win!

Purple and white
Farmer team lets fight
We are the best, Victory(pause)
Oh yes!

Submitted by: Onnajj

We are the Tygers (X , STOMP, X, STOMP)
We are the best (X, STOMP, X, STOMP)
The other team (X, STOMP, X, STOMP)
Can take a rest, Yes!

Submitted by: PretiePrinces

Don'tcha Know
Can'tcha Guess
We are the B-E-S-T Best!

Go back, go back, go back to the woods,
Cuz your coach is a farmer
And your team is no good!

Submitted by: SOCCERSIS8

We are the (team name) and you know what we got,
What do we got?
We got a squad that is hotter then hot,
How hot is hot?
Batman and superman, ah huh ah huh,
Can't do what the (team name) can

Submitted by: XxGoddess21

Peaches and cream,
Peaches and cream,
Whats the matter with the other team?
Nothing at all, Nothing at all,
They just can't play X football!

H (pause) O-T,
We're hot so hot,
The strong, proud, Packers,
Can't be stopped,
Our Spirit is rising, And can't be undone,
Watch out Knights XX we're number 1!

Submitted by: BRITTBABY

It's time to get loud
It's time to represent
EHS what time is it?
repeat 3x's I

ndian fans XXX up in the stands XXX
Let's give our team XXX a great big hand
xxx xxx xxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxxx xx

Submitted by: COACHRADAH

Hey! EAGLES, Are you ready?
Yell! Go big black! Go big black!
Hey! EAGLES, Are you ready?
Yell! Go big Green! Go big Green!
Hey! EAGLES Are you ready?
Yell! Beat those ______!
Beat those _______!
Hey! Eagles are you ready?

Submitted by: JennySue

Victory Victory
That's our cry
Victory Victory
That's our pride
Split that V
Dot that I
Curve that C-T-O-R-Y

Superior We're #1
Heading for the top
Our spirit above the rest
Never can be stopped
Together in unity
Unbeatable and bold
Mustangs strive for victory
Blue and Gold

Submitted by: SPIRITBRITT

We're the (TEAMNAME) And we're trouble, capital T,
We're T-R-O-U-B-L-E So you better not mess with me...UH.!!!!

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