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Cheers and Chants for Volleyball

Cheerleading Cheers for Volleyball


Cheers and Chants for Volleyball
Paolo Bruno/Stringer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images for FIVB

Here you'll find cheers and chants that other cheerleaders use for volleyball. Use them as is or be creative and change them up to fit your needs. Then add in some cool motions and you'll be set to wow the crowd at your next volleyball game, pep rally or competition.

If you have a favorite cheerleading cheer you haven't seen listed, be sure to send it in. Details are below.

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Submitted by: Bibbles

Let's go!
Let's go!
Get the rhyme,
Get the flow
Come on (team name)
Go! Go! Go!

Submitted by: Rebecca

You may be good at soccer,
You may be good at track.
But when it comes to volleyball,
You better watch your back! Hey!

Submitted by: BeeDee

We're firing,
We're sizzlin',
We're turning up the heat.
'Cuz, we're the mighty (team name)
And we can't be beat!

Submitted by: Charlotte

2, 4, 6, 8
Who do we appreciate?
Not the king,
Not the queen,
Only the (your team name) volleyball team!

Submitted by: Amy

“Go Demons!”, come on now, let’s fight,
the Demons will shine bright,
go Demons go
Spike, volley, bump that ball and maybe even more,
the demons always know the score. We always win
and we always cheer, we always know the way to steer.
The mighty, mighty volleyball it’ll never drop,
not rain nor fall because the demons are the best of them all.!

Submitted by: Unknown

Nice one (star player),
Nicely done,
Come on Cruisers (team name),
Let's score another one!

Submitted by: Red Raider 'til I Die

We're the roughest,
We're the toughest,
We're the best around.
And when it comes to volleyball,
We really, really (said fast)
We really, really (said fast)
We really, really (said fast) get down!

Submitted by: Cheer Girl

1-(clap), 2-(clap), 3-(clap), 4-(clap)
We are the Rams from CHS,
here to prove the red and blue is a step above the rest (three person pyramid)
Come on Ram fans get up and cheer,
This is our year!
(shuttle drop and yell)Go Rams (clap, clap)
Go Rams (clap clap)
Go Rams!

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