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Cheers and Chants
A Huge Collection of Cheers and Chants Submitted by Cheerleaders and Coaches.

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Submitted by: CHEERCHIK00

We are the (mascot) - yeah!
And we're # 1!
We're here to tell you how it is
And show you how it's done
(add jumps) - on 3 yell (school colors 1) example: Blue
3 (school color 1) ex: Blue!
(jump) on 3 yell (school color 2) ex: White
3 (school color 2) ex: white

Hey, Tiger fans get on your feet and clap your hands
Lets go Tigers, Lets go Tigers
Now beat those Cats, beat those Cats
Lets go Tigers, beat those Cats

Submitted by: CHEERYANGEL1

Hey! We're back
The best is yet to come
N-M-S - Look out for number 1
Excellence, perfection, teamwork, success
The North Middle Trojans, a step above the rest
Pride and spirit
Need we say more?
N-M-S, We rock the floor!

Submitted by: CMS_CHEER104

Indians are here
The red, gray, and black
It's all or nothing (X)(X)
That's right!

Comanche Indians, it's time to fight
We're number one, win tonight!

Indians on the warpath
Indians on the way
Indians with their tomahawks
Hey hey hey!!

Submitted by: LILBIT_2001

How does it feel to be a (school name & mascot)?
How does it feel to be way up high?
How does it feel to be a (opponents school name and Mascot)?
We don't know, we don't stoop that low!

Submitted by: CHEER19

Sen-sational (pause)
E-Lite (pause)
_______(pause) just can't be beat
We're number 1, best in the Na-tion (pause)
No Doubt (pause)
________ will knock you out
Now that you've seen us, you know we are the best
_______, ________ (pause, pause) Above the rest (pause)

Submitted by: CHEERANJEL

B.E.A.T Beat Um'
B.U.S.T Bust Um'
Beat Um', Bust Um'
Cuz that's our custom
So come on, Boys
Lets Ugghh! Readjust Um'!

Submitted by: CheerLdrQT

B-E-A-T Beat em!
B-U-S-T Bust em!
Beat em, Bust em,
That's our custom.
Come on *E~town readjust em!
*(put your school or team name there)

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