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Cheer and Dance Competitions on About Cheerleading

Listing of Cheerleading and Dance competitions from around the world.

Conquering Cheer Competitions
Competitions have become a big part of Cheerleading. A competition squad can invest hundreds of hours, tons of effort and lots of hard-earned money in competing. So, whether your next competition is local or national, across town or across the county, here are some tips to make it go off without a hitch.

BCA International Championships
Six Hundred Cheerleaders from Ten Nations will be competing at the 12th annual BCA International Cheerleading Championships this year. Read more.

Future Cheer
Future Cheer

Cheer Ltd
Regional and national events sponsored by Cheer Ltd. Lots of different divisions to enter.

ACA - American Cheerleaders Assoc
The ACA is well known in the Cheerleading industry. They pride themselves on doing more than teaching...they touch lives. Competitions, camps and more.

Aloha International Spirit Championships
Aloha offers events in CA, OR and Hawaii. Check them out

America's Best
America's Best offers a wide range of regional competitions with opportunities for cheerleaders and dancers. They also award numerous scholarships. High School, Junior High, Spiritleader, and All-Star.

American All Star
Each year their lineup of state and regional competitions paves the way for the televised United States Dance/Drill Team Championship.

American Cheer and Dance Academy - Reach the Beach
Since 1991 American Cheer and Dance has earned a reputation in the spirit industry for fairness, dependability, and for providing affordable and well-run events. Every American Cheer and Dance event is designed to have each participant, coach, parent, and fan walk away with a positive and memorable experience.

American Cheer Express
Showcase your talent at American Cheer Classic, ACE Harbor classic, or ACE Independence Cup competitions. American Cheer Express (ACE) has affordable, fair and fun competitions.

American Cheer Power
Regional competitions, nationals, all stars, and individuals. Calendar of upcoming events. Event results and much more. Formerly the TCA.

American Dance/Drill Team
2000/2001 Schedule of competitions. In their fortieth year, American Dance/Drill Team was founded by Gussie Nell Davis, creator of the first drill team.

AmeriCheer Regional Competitions and Classic Competitions offer cheer and dance teams the opportunity to gain local and regional recognition, earn awards and receive discounts to the AmeriCheer Open National Championships!

American Spirit Championships regional and national competition information.

Black College Nationals
If you’ve ever been to the Black College National Cheerleading & Dance Team Championships, you've probably been "wowed" by the progress black college cheer squads and dance teams have made over the last decade. Learn more.

Champion Spirit Group
Champion Spirit Group produces family-friendly events all over the US. They offer FREE spectator admission, FREE DVDs for participants, and events and activities so the entire family has a fun competition experience. They currently offer bids to the Cheerleading Worlds. Check out their site to find more on their competitive events, private camps, or their consulting service.

Champions Cup Series
Champions Cup Series offers cheer and dance competitions throughout the United States.

Cheer America Championships
Cheer America is a company where competition INTEGRITY actually means something. Their events are fun, professionally run, on-time and fair. Coaches that are looking for a great event to add to their schedule should attend Cheer America this season. The difference is astounding. Visit their Web site for more information.

Cheer Challenge America
All Stars & School Teams. TOP AWARDS including cash. Full Spring Floors at Every Event. Find an event near you.

Cheer and Dance Extreme
Cheer and Dance EXTREME was established in 2001 and their company combines well over 25+ years as a participant, coach, and parent in the cheerleading and dance fields. CDE was founded with the cheerleaders and dancers best interest at heart. The goal of the company is to give back to the participants, coaches and yes, even the fans by putting "you" first. Learn more at the Website.

Cheer Champion Express, Inc.
CCE prides itself on fun, quality and on time competitions. They believe every athlete is a champion and every team receives a trophy.

Cheer Tech
Cheer Tech offers competitions in NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, NY, CT, and RI. If you live in one of these states or an adjacent state, check their site for more information. They also have a camp program that is set to develop beginner, intermediate, and advanced teams. They provide techniques for all aspects of cheerleading in a fun and enjoyable environment.

Cheer USA
Cheer USA Championships offers team and individual competitions around Texas. Their Regional Qualifers are designed to prepare you for Nationals, where teams and individuals come out to show us what they have to Cheer About. Guidelines, Divisions, Photos, and other info is available at their site.

CheerExpo is coming back to Plano, Texas on August 23 and 24, 2003. And this CheerExpo will be even bigger than the first with tons of new additions. Dance teams and stunt groups will be taking center stage to compete and you'll also not want to miss the CheerExpo Texas Cheerleader of the Year Scholarship Competition.

CHEERSPORT Competitions & Camps
CHEERSPORT is a competition and camp company also located in Matthews, NC. They host the worlds largest cheerleading competition with 811 teams attending their national event this past year in Atlanta

COA Cheer & Dance
COA's mission is to provide high quality programs and educational opportunities that promote personal development for all persons of the cheerleading, dance, and spirit community. COA provides high quality instructional programs and competitive events at reasonable prices throughout the United States. Plus they have awarded over $350,000 in educational scholarships to cheerleaders and dancers.

Colorado USA
The Colorado USA website is home of the Miss Colorado USA and Miss Colorado Teen USA Pageants. Look around and learn more about their organization, pageant, and of course the delegates and winners.

Cheer Extreme Events (CXE)
CXE has brought together the best in the business. We have over 60 years of combined experience in the cheerleading industry including competitions companies, gym ownership, cheerleading at all levels (Recreation/Youth, High School, College, and All Star), and judging. CXE was created with the sole purpose of GIVING BACK! Giving back to the athletes, parents, coaches and their community. Find out more at www.cxecheer.com.

Diamond Cheer and Dance
Diamond Cheer and Dance gives you a new era in Cheer and Dance Competitions. With years of experience in the cheer and dance industries, Diamond Cheer and Dance will provide you with competitions of the highest quality.

ECA - Eastern Cheerleaders Association
ECA offers a comprehensive year-round programs that gives you superb instruction and the one-on-one personal attention you deserve.

Epic Brands
With a merger between American Cheer & Dance Academy (ACDA) and Spirit Unlimited (SU), Epic Brands was created and effective June 1, 2011. In addition to ACDA and SU, “Reach the Beach Nationals” will branch off to become its own brand of national competitions. Epic will also encompass a series of camps, dance exclusive events, recreation and school exclusive events, and Epic Gear – a retail entity. Over 75 cheerleading and dance events will be offered annually throughout North America. Learn more at their Website.

Florida Cheer and Dance Association
Florida is known to be one of our country's biggest cheer and dance states. Our goal at the Florida Cheer and Dance Association is to offer Florida teams a local association that can provide a positive growth environment and structure. FCDA offers camps, competitions and much more. Visit their Web site to learn more.

Fun Cheer
Fun Cheer™ - they are putting the FUN back into cheer and dance competitions. Their panel of judges includes a non-biased and non-team affiliated groups who will judge, score and evaluate your team solely based on your team’s performance. Their staff is professional, friendly, motivated and excited to provide you with a smooth competitive experience. Visit their site for more information.

Golden State Spirit Association
Located in CA, GSSA holds many exciting events for cheerleaders and a wonderful coaches conference.

Great Lakes Cheer Championships
Great Lakes Cheer Championships (GLCC) is a USASF Tier One cheer and dance event producer. Currently they give a Full Paid bid to Cheerleading Worlds from their National Championship in Detroit Michigan. GLCC prides themselves on offering fun and exciting events that you'll remember for a lifetime.

Greater Midwest Cheer Expo
The Greater Midwest Cheer Expo is one of the Midwest's fastest growing Cheerleading Competitions. They are open to cheerleaders and dancers of all ages and levels. And their cheer & dance competitions have everything your cheer and dance teams could ask for.

International Cheerleading Competition
12th Annual International Cheerleading Competitions and British Cheerleading Championship, Loughborough University, Loughborough, England. July 27 - 30, 2001.

London Parade
Over 1.5 million people attended this parade last year. Download the application from their site.

Mardi Gras Spirit Events
Mardi Gras Spirit Events prides itself on running competitions that are Fun, fair, friendly, affordable and unforgettable. Each event is a party that's filled with Mardi Gras style! Visit their site to learn more.

Mason-Dixon Cheerleader Competition
Started in 1965, at the Tennessee School for the Deaf, this competition has grown every year.

Montana USA
Beauty pageants are a natural step for most Cheerleaders. This site is home of the Miss Montana USA and the Miss Montana Teen USA pageants.

51 years of excitement, innovation and the best cheerleading training and competitions in the world!

Royal Champions Cheer and Dance
Royal Champions Cheer and Dance offers themed competitions for your squad. It's a new and fun way to enjoy a cheer or dance competition. Learn more on their site.

Spirit Cheer
“Makin’ it fun” for everyone that is the Spirit Cheer way. Spirit Cheer is a camp and competition company headquartered in Orlando, FL. Spirit Cheer prides themselves on running safe, fun and unforgettable competitions year after year. Learn more about Spirit Cheer on their Web site.

Spirit of the South
Spirit of the South Inc. is a cheerleading company based on the belief that competition leads to excellence. They aim to provide the best competitions possible, with quality judges, with quality warm-up, and with a quality experience for all those attending. By doing this, they hope to develop leadership through cheerleading which will impact the nation.

Spirit Solutions
Competitions are open to all-star, school and recreational cheer teams offering both spring and foam floors at every event. They are committed to fair, affordable events that run on time in a family-friendly environment. Now serving NC, SC, GA, VA, TN and surrounding areas.

Spirit Unlimited
Spirit Unlimited is the ultimate cheerleading and dance company providing unbelievable, unsurpassed competitions and instructional camps. Spirit Unlimited prides itself on delivering a personal and professional touch in every aspect of the company, continuing to reach its goal of exceeding the expectations of coaches, participants and parents. Learn more at the site.

Competitions, camps and other programs. Online form for more information.

The Southeastern Classic
The Southeastern Classic Cheer and Dance Championship is a unique opportunity for cheerleaders and dancers all over the Southeast to come together and be recognized. It's not just another competition. It is a celebration of the area's cheerleading and dance heritage...a chance for these talented athletes to showcase their skills in front of their enthusiastic fans.

National, regional competitions, camps and clinics listed by state and associations.

UDA Dance
Local, regional, and national competitions. Calendar of events listed by states.

United Cheer
UNITED CHEER is completely independent and is not affiliated or associated with any coach, gym, school or organization. They utilizes individual judges for tumbling and stunting as well as a panel of judges that score the entire routine. Learn more on their site.

United Spirit Association
The USA offers regional events, to qualify for USA Nationals, during the fall and winter or through video taped entries.

Universal Spirit Association
Universal Spirit Association was founded with one goal in mind, providing an innovative and creative competition environment that promotes a positive experience for everyone involved, specifically coaches, cheerleaders and spectators.

UPA offers a number of Cheerleading competitions and scholarships.

United States All Star Federation USASF
The mission of the U.S. All Star Federation is to maximize the number of participants benefiting from the positive life experiences of all star cheerleading and dance by developing competition rules and all star gym training guidelines consistent with the latest best known safety, educational, and ethical practices. They host the renowned "Worlds" events. Learn more at www.usasf.net

US Spirit
US Spirit offers cheerleading and dance competitions on the regional, state and national levels including the open nationals held inside Universal Studios Orlando and the Arnold Classic Weekend.

World Cheerleading Association
WCA has been setting the stage for the top cheerleaders to compete for national honors for over 15 years. Regional and National events.

World Spirit Federation
The WSF takes pride in offering affordable Cheerleading competitions. They offer Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite divisions, so each squad's talent level will be more evenly matched. This will ensure that every division will be a competitive one.

Worldwide Spirit Association
WSA offers camps, competitions and more. Visit their site for more information.

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