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Find a Cheerleading Squad All Stars, Rec, Scholastic, Pop Warner, Pro

Find a Cheerleading squad. From all stars to pro, scholastic to rec cheerleading, here you'll find a comprehensive listing of the many squads available.
  1. AFL Cheerleaders (17)
  2. All Stars (76)
  3. CFL Cheerleaders (5)
  4. College Cheerleading (28)
  5. International Cheerleaders (13)
  6. NBA Cheerleaders Dancers (14)
  7. NFL Cheerleaders (28)
  8. Rec Cheerleading Squads (5)
  9. Semi Pro Cheerleaders (4)

Try out for the Houston Texans Cheerleaders Team
Be a Houston Texans Cheerleader 2011 Tryout Information

NFL Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders 2008 Auditions
2008 NFL Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Audition Information

Hockey Cheerleaders at the University of Minnesota
The University of Minnesota Hockey Cheerleaders. Cheering for Hockey at the University of Minnesota.

Choosing a Cheerleading Squad or Coach
Many people are under the impression that a cheerleading squad picks the members, but ideally the members also choose the squad. Here you'll find tips on choosing a cheerleading squad and/or coach.

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