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Cheerleading Flexibility and Stretching

Flexibility is a major component of the sport of Cheerleading and stretching improves your flexibility. So, explore these resources to improve you flexibility, perform better, lessen your chances of injury and build your coordination.

Focus on Flexibility
An article on what flexibility is, how it helps Cheerleading and tips on improving your flexibility. From your About Cheerleading Guide.

Library of Stretches
From the Workouts for Women Website a good collection of stretching exercises. Includes beginning and advanced routines and muscle group specific exercises.

Muscle Map and Exercises
From Global Health and Fitness an anatomical map and a detailed explanation of each major muscle group, its exact location, functions and common activities that the muscle is used for, and the best flexibility exercises for that muscle

Stretching for the Splits
A stretching routine that is tailored specifically to help you achieve the ability to perform both front splits and side splits.

Sports Coach Stretching Exercises
General stretching and flexibility exercises. Includes shoulder, arms, chest, calves, upper back, abdomen, thigh, hip, groin and many more. These exercises could form part of the warm up and warm down program for any Cheerleader.

Stretching Exercises
Stretching exercises by Lisa Balbach. Covers calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

StretchWare™ is a computer program that will remind you to stretch and also offers many stretching routines/exercises and 15 topics covering stretching. Download a free 30 day trail demo.

Yoga Class - Stretch
From YogaClass.com three free Real Player Yoga stretching lessons.

Vew-Do | Balance in Life
Today, many athletes are using balance training as an integral part of their overall training programs, both for injury prevention and performance enhancement. Vew-Do balance boards are a cost effective and fabulous way to achieve this.

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