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Spirit Cups - Brax Fundraising

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Brax SpiritCups Fundraising Idea

Brax SpiritCups Fundraising Idea

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The Bottom Line

I really love this cup and think that if you have a good fan base for a specific team in your area, then Spirit Cups will will make an excellent fundraiser. The cups are high quality and after numerous washings (dishwasher) they still look brand new. Add in the fact that there is no upfront costs and an excellent financial return and I feel confident that you'll find Brax Spirit Cups a fundraiser that is well worth your effort.


  • No upfront cost to your squad and no minium with NFL, MLB and College.
  • Organizational kit with samples and order forms.
  • Great quality product.
  • Excellent financial return for your program.
  • U.S. manufacturer with good delivery.


  • Custom cups have a minium of 10,000.


  • High quality product manufactured in the U.S.
  • Choice of NFL, MLB or College Teams.
  • Can custom design a logo for the cups, but there is a 10,000 minimum.
  • When you sign up, you are supplied with all an organizational kit, samples and order forms.
  • Risk free and great financial return.
  • Easy to implement and manage.
  • Fast delivery from a reputable company.

Guide Review - Spirit Cups - Brax Fundraising

Brax Spirit Cups are of the highest quality and they are manufactured in the U.S. I was amazed at how well they held up after putting them through numerous dish washing cycles. They still look as good as they did the day I received them. There is no doubt your customers will be pleased with this product. So, if your area has a good fan base for an NFL, MLB or college sports team, then I highly recommend you look into using Brax Spirit Cups as a fund raiser. Best of all the financial return is excellent and there is no upfront costs.

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