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Learning Cheerleading Stunting - Tips, Instructions and Articles

Here you'll find resources for tips, instructions and advice on building cheerleading stunts or pyramids.

Natural Grip
The natural grip is the grip used to load most two-legged stunts. In a natural grip, the base places her hands side by side with the palms facing up and the little fingers touching. The flyer will place her foot on the bases palms.

Locked Out
Locked out refers to the position of the knee or elbow joint. When the joint is fully extended and in a position where it is unlikely to give way, it is said to be locked out. This is especially important in stunting where bases should lock out their elbows to avoid dropping extended stunts and flyers should lock out their knees to remain tight in the air.

Prep Grip
The prep grip is the grip used in most two-legged stunts once the stunt has hit. In the prep grip, the base turns her hands away from each other so that one hand cradles the front portion of the foot (the ball of the foot and toes) and the other hand cradles the back portion of the foot (under and at the back of the heel). The inside of the base’s wrists will be facing each other under the foot. In this grip, aim to cover as much of the bottom of the foot as possible with your hands, while still being able to grip the toe and heel.

Basics of Basing
The position of base in Cheerleading is vital, for without bases the flyer wouldn't go up. The bases lift or throw the flyer and as the name implies, they are the base or foundation of a Cheerleading stunt or mount. Learn more.

Spotting Successfully
If there is one position in a Cheerleading stunt that is the most important, you'd have to seriously consider it to be the spotter or scoop.

Tips on Flying
What exactly is a flyer in Cheerleading? Do you have what it takes to be one? Learn more and read these tips about flying.

Custom Stunts by Coach Kaitlin
8 New stunts by Coach Kaitlin. Designed for squads with 8 to 21 people. Coach Kaitlin has many years experience in Cheerleading, gymnastics, dance and coaching. On printable page.

About's Large Varsity Stunts
Stunts designed for Large Varsity Cheerleading Squads. Printable.

About's Stunts for JV Squads
Printable pages of stunts designed for JV squads.

Jump and Stunt Quiz
Take this quiz, see if you can name these jumps and stunts.

Ashby's Cheer Page
Some excellent information and tips on doing liberties, scales, scorpions, heel stretches and more.

Stunting Techniques
From the National Cheerleading Coaches Conference, a great article on stunting techniques. Aninimated graphics.

Stunting Tips
Great Stunts are what many cheerleading squads strive for and stunts add flair to a cheerleading routine. Check out these stunting tips.

The 180 Up and Over
From Varsity.com a transition with a twist.

The Physics of Cheerleading
Great article on Cheerleading stunting. Definitions and explanations of some common terms and stunts.

Vew-Do | Balance in Life
Today, many athletes are using balance training as an integral part of their overall training programs, both for injury prevention and performance enhancement. Vew-Do balance boards are a cost effective and fabulous way to achieve this.

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