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Got Spirit? Let's Hear It - School Spirit

Tips on Showing Your School Spirit.


First of all, what is school spirit? Well, it's not really something you can put your finger on. It's that feeling you get when you enter a school, attend a game, or watch a pep rally. The feeling that everyone is proud of their team, their school and the students that attend there; past, present and future. It's an excitement in the air, an invisible electricity that seems to emanate from everywhere. It's pride, it's camaraderie, and it's the involvement of everyone in the community. It's what sets some schools apart, it's what makes school memories so precious, and even though you can't define it in one word, you know it when you see it, hear it and feel it. It's what possesses some people to paint their faces in their school colors, wear outrageous wigs, tattoo animal footprints on their bodies, or do a wave dance in the stands. That's school spirit.

So, whether you're a Cheerleader, a football player, a band member or a fanatical fan, get a head start on your school spirit with these ideas and tips:

  • Start a School Tradition.It can be anything from singing your fight song at every pep rally to having your mascot run around the field every time your team scores. Whatever it is, see that it's carried on from year to year. Here are a few ideas:
    • Songs/Cheers/Chants - Always use the same one at a specific time. Like end all pep rallies with your fight song.
    • Scoring Tradition - Have the fans do a wave dance, have your mascot do something like a push-up/cartwheel or run around the stands. Have the Cheerleaders do a special stunt.
    • Pre Game Tradition - Have a bonfire, dance, tailgating, or special pep rally each year before that "big rivalry" game.
    • Senior Tradition - Have the senior class leave something behind each year. Plant a tree, buy something for the school engraved with their class year. It doesn't have to be much, but it gives the freshmen something to look forward to and the seniors something to be proud of.
  • Use Themes in Your Activities. Think of a theme that will be fun and get everyone involved. If you can tie it into your opponents that week, then all the better. Be creative, unique, and wacky. Have fun with it.
  • Have Spirit Contests . Hold a contest and announce the winners at a pep rally or game. Give them a special place to sit or a banner/crown to wear to the game.
    • Most Spirited Girl and Guy
    • Most Spirited Club
    • Most Spirited Cheerleader
    • Most Spirited Teacher
    • Most Spirited Business
  • Use Spirit Merchandise. Either purchase items individually or as a group for your team, squad or club. Spirit merchandise also makes a great fundraiser.

You don't have to spend a lot of money or time to show you're spirited and that you support your school. Get a group of your friends together, wear your school colors and sit side by side at the next game or pep rally. Try to out-shout everyone there. Much like Cheerleading, school spirit is a special place in your heart. Got school spirit? Well then, let's hear it!

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