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Gymnastics and Tumbling Skills and Abilities for Cheerleading

Explore this resource for gymnastics related to Cheerleading. From back handsprings to cartwheels, you'll find them all here.

Locked Out
Locked out refers to the position of the knee or elbow joint. When the joint is fully extended and in a position where it is unlikely to give way, it is said to be locked out. This is especially important in stunting where bases should lock out their elbows to avoid dropping extended stunts and flyers should lock out their knees to remain tight in the air.

Benchmarks of Excellence by Coach Wayne
If you're interested in learning gymnastics and improving your skills, this booklet is a must have. Whether you're a coach or a Cheerleader, the concise and easy to understand style of "Benchmarks of Excellence" will help you learn and improve at a faster rate. More importantly, understanding and using benchmarks will allow you to perform safer, stronger and more beautifully.

How to do a Cartwheel
Good basic instructions and tips on mastering a cartwheel.

How to do the Splits
Tips and instructions on doing the splits, from our frequently asked question section.

Learning Back Handsprings
Tips and instructions on how to do a back handspring.

Basic Skills and Drills for Floor Gymnastics
From a cartwheel to a back handspring, you'll find some great information on this site.

The basics of how to do a Cartwheel with photos.

Coach Wayne's Back Strength & Flexibility Walkover Exercises
A series of exercises are designed to be practiced in the home environment to increase back flexibility and strength. They will help you accomplish your front and back-walk-overs & limbers or arch-stand kick-overs.

Conquering Fear in Back-Handsprings
Coach Wayne answers this most asked question about overcoming the fear of doing a back-handspring.

Controlling Your Round-off - Coach Wayne
Lean how to get your round-off back-handspring lower and do a back tuck, from Coach Wayne's Tumbling Tips.

Dealing With Fear in Gymnastics
A terrific article on dealing with fear in gymnastics written by Alison Arnold, Ph.D., C.P.C. for USA Gymnastics Magazine.

Excellence Begins with the Basics - Coach Wayne
Here are some "Back-to Basics" guidelines for Excellence in tumbling from Coach Wayne.

Find a Gymnastics/Cheer Gym - USGyms.net
A great resource for locating gyms in the US. Listed by states and includes programs they teach.

Improving Arm and Shoulder Strength for Back Handspring
Arm and shoulder strength is critically important for the handspring. Learn how to improve your strength from Coach Wayne's Tumbling Tips.

Lets Talk Roundoff
Great tips on developing a powerful roundoff from the USA Gymnastics Magazine site.

Mastering Handstands
The handstand is one of the basic fundamental skills from which many other skills stem. Mastering this is a must to develop other skills. Learn more here from Tulsa Gymnastics.

Nail Your Back Handsprings
Great drills and skills to mastering a back handspring, from Adult Gymnastics.

Practicing Gymnastics at Home - Coach Wayne
Here are some simple tips to help you get into the habit of practicing your gymnastics at home. From Coach Wayne's Tumbling Tips.

Stretching for the Splits
A stretching routine that is tailored specifically to help you achieve the ability to perform both front splits and side splits.

Tumblebear Connection
One of the foremost authorities on gymnastics and the running of a gymnastics school, Tumblebear offers over 80 products to help you be better at what you do.

Tumbling for Cheerleading - Tuning Your Body
Coach Wayne explains some simple exercises tips to TUNE your tumbling before you perform.

Tumbling Tips for Cheerleaders
Exercises to strengthen your legs and arms. Back handspring tips and spotting tips.

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