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Photos of Cheerleading Stunts and Pyramids

Here you'll find a collection of Cheerleading stunts and pyramids photos, graphics, and animations.

About's Featured Stunts
From heel stretches to scorpions, you can view our collection of past featured stunts. Submit yours.

Chicago Enforcers Cheerleaders
Group photo of the XFL Chicago Enforcer Cheerleaders.

Duke University Cheerleaders
Photo of the Duke University Cheerleaders from our spotlight in the March Madness Special.

SFA - NCA Champions 2000
Stephen F. Austin Cheerleaders, the NCA Grand National Champions in 2000. Stunt photos, groups shots and more.

UO Cheerleaders Video - Standing Back Tucks
Video of the University of Oklahoma Cheerleaders doing standing back tucks on the beach.

UO Cheerleaders Video - Standing Full Twist Back Tucks
University of Oklahoma Cheerleaders doing standing full twist back tucks on the beach in Daytona.

Wake Forest Cheerleaders
Highlight and photo of the Wake Forest Cheerleaders from our March Madness Special.

Animations of Stunts from Silverado Cheerleading
Nothing says it better than a photo and these animations of stunts by the Silverado Cheerleaders are awesome.

Stunts From FSU
Scorpions, full scale, arabesques and more from the Florida State University Cheerleaders.

University of Louisville
University of Louisville Cheerleaders' photos of pyramids. From a High Split to a Swedish Fall, you'll find some awesome photos.

Photo Album of the BCA
Cheerleaders and more Cheerleaders photos, from the British Cheerleading Association.

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