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Custom Cheerleading Stunts
by Coach Kaitlin

Special Thanks to *Kaitlin for sharing these stunts!

Note: Please follow all safty guidelines while practicing or performing stunts. You should always have a knowledgeable coach or adult present. Be sure to check your school, association, or organization for what's legal and what isn't.

| 8 People | 15 People | 17 People | 18 People | 20 People | 21 People |

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Laying hitch – 8 people – 2 fliers, 5 bases, 1 back, front group starts having flier with one foot on the ground and one leg straight out behind her flier should be facing side , fliers arms are straight out from shoulders bent like and Indian, one base has under her arm pits, one base has her hips and one base has leg that is extended, on count flier bends leg on ground and jumps, base bend and lift above head so flier is in a laid out position, as if she were laying on her tummy on the ground cheek resting on her arms facing the crowd, her knees need to bent so that her feet are pointing up to the ceiling and her feet need to be flexed so they are flat, the other group goes up to a hitch and the hitch flier places her hitch foot on the feet of the laying down flier. If you have the extra people you can have two groups and have the laying down fliers facing each other, if you have even more people you can put an elevator or extension in the middle.

Hitch wall – 15 people – 4 fliers, 7 bases, 4 backs, start with 3 bases in front row middle base facing forward side bases facing in looking at middle base all three squatting to floor, there should be a flier in between each base with inside leg on middle base’s shoulder, fliers outside foot should be stepping on outside base’s foot, both fliers have a back holding them at the waist, flier should be holding back’s wrists, middle base should be holding onto calves of legs on his/her shoulders, outside base have under the fliers foot, on count fliers bend and jump and push off backs wrists, bases bend and stand up, outside bases take leg up to extension position so leg is hitched, middle base holds at shoulder stand, second row goes up to front outside hitch on shoulder stand fliers legs, shoulder stand fliers have inside arm around each others waists and out side arm in high V, hitch fliers have both arms in high V, pencil down to dismount.

Steps – 15 people – 4 fliers, 7 bases, 4 backs, set up, extended front hitch, thigh stand front hitch, base, thigh stand front hitch, extended front hitch. The base in the middle is just standing on the ground facing forward, on either side of base facing base is single base thigh stand hitching their leg closest to the back on the standing base’s shoulder, each thigh stand has a back, the two extended hitches are also facing in and they have their leg that is closest to the back hitched on the shoulder of the thigh stand. So the whole pyramid looks like steps.

X mount – 17 people – 5 fliers, 9 bases, 3 backs, two single base thigh stands hitching inside foot onto hands of 3rd base, thigh stand fliers have inside arms connected outside arm in high V, thigh stand bases have outside arm in high V and inside arm around leg of thigh stand flier, in the next row right behind 3rd base there is a double base elevator, flier is leaning over with her arms bent like an Indian resting on thigh stand fliers arms, elevator flier has her chin on her arms, in third row there are two torches with legs hitched on elevator fliers back outside arm in high V inside arm on hip, to get up first row goes then second row goes then third row goes or everyone goes at same time but torches have to hold awesome/cupie until elevator flier leans over. To dismount everyone pencils down.

Levels – 18 people – 5 fliers, 8 bases, 5 backs, set up is extended inside heel stretch, back stand, elevator, back stand, extended inside heel stretch. You have a back stand (base is leaning over with hands resting on knees making their back nice and flat, a flier is standing near the small of the base’s back) on either side of an elevator, the back stand fliers have their inside foot hitched on the elevator base that is closest to them back shoulder, then on the out side of the back stands there are two extended inside heel stretches, the back stand flier is holding the heel stretcher fliers stretched foot. All fliers except middle elevator have outside arm in high V and inside arm on hip, elevator has arms in high V.

Spider – 18 people – 5 fliers, 9 bases, 4 backs, set up first row, elevator inside hitch, shoulder sit, elevator inside hitch, second row, extended inside front hitch, extended inside front hitch, shoulder sit is holding elevator hitchers feet in hands (keeping elbow close to hips) extended hitches have hitched foot on shoulder sits shoulders. The back two groups that go up to extended position have to line up very close to each other in order to be able to hitch on shoulder sits shoulders. The whole pyramid looks like a spider with the shoulder sit being the head and body.

Legs – 20 people - 5 fliers, 12 bases, 3 backs, set up, extended back, extended inside heel stretch, elevator, extended inside heel stretch, extended back. The elevator flier is holding the heel stretch fliers stretched legs. The two fliers laying on their backs extended have leg closest to back lifted up and heel stretch flier is leaning to that side so she is holding onto the extended foot. Heel stretch fliers have outside arm holding back fliers foot and inside arm in high V, elevator flier has arms in high V holding heel stretch fliers legs, extended back fliers have arms down by sides. Extended back fliers have 3 bases instead of 2 bases and a back that’s where the extra bases come in.

Straddle Hitch Wall – 21 people – 5 fliers, 10 bases, 5 backs, 1 front, set up first row inside elevator hitch, extended straddle mount, inside elevator hitch, back row, extended outside front hitch, extended outside front hitch, the elevator hitches hitch on the legs of the straddle mount, the extended hitches hitch on the hitched leg of the elevator hitches, all hitches have outside arm in high V and inside arm on hip, straddle has both arms in high V (the straddle mount uses the front).

About Kaitlin - Kaitlin has 16 years experience with various competitive dance companies around the Pittsburgh area. She is knowledgeable in and has taught jazz, ballet, lyrical, character, acro, baton, modern, pom pom and Cheerleading. She has been a high school Cheerleader (2 years varsity captain, 2 seasons most valuable cheerleader) and a College Varsity Cheerleader at Cal U of PA. Kaitlin has coached recreational and competitive gymnastics and recreational Cheerleading classes. Her gymnastics coaching training came from one of the top gyms in Maryland.

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