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Cheerleading Tryout Tips and Advice

Explore the many resources for information on trying out for a Cheerleading squad or Dance team position. All Star, High School, College, University, NFL, NBA, and other teams.

Choosing Cheerleaders - What's Fair
The selection process for choosing Cheerleaders varies from school to school, what do you think is a fair way to select Cheerleaders?

Tackling Tryouts
A great article on making the decision to try out for Cheerleading. Includes tips and pointers too.

Free Email Tryout Course
Try our online email class intended to help you prepare for Cheerleading tryouts. In it we'll cover some basic skills and information you should know before you try out. Of course, there's no guarantee you'll make the squad, but with some hard work, dedication and the knowledge offered in this course, you should be better prepared and know what to expect at a Cheerleading tryout.

When You Don't Make the Squad
Cheerleading tryouts can be stressful, disappointing, and heartbreaking. How do you handle it when you don't make it on the Cheerleading squad?

Tryout Chat Transcript
Read this transcript from our tryout chat with Kaitlin. Lots of tips on getting through Cheerleader tryouts.

Be Ready to Shine
Information on preparation, appearance, routines and much more about Cheerleading tryouts.

Dance Team Tryout Tips
Some really good advice on trying out for a dance team. And most of the tips also apply to Cheerleading. From dTe.

Mascot Tryout Tips
Wonderful site with tips and advice on trying out to be a mascot.

Pro Cheerleading Tryout Tips
Thinking of trying out for a Pro Cheerleading squad? You'll want to read these tips and advice from dTe.

Sample Tryout Grading Form
A sample of a Cheerleading tryout form used by judges.

Succeed at Tryouts
Advice on how to make your Cheerleading tryouts successful.

Stand Out at Tryouts
From the Flygirl Web site, tips on how to stand out at Cheerleading tryouts.

Tryout tips from Kicks Studio
Good advice and tips on Cheerleading tryouts from the Kicks Studio.

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