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Learning Cheerleading Techniques

Whether you're a coach or a Cheerleader, instructional videos offer an excellent


I recently had the opportunity to review some instructional Cheerleading videos sent to me. Instructional videos are a great way to learn new techniques, improve your Cheerleading skills or to reaffirm that you're performing to perfection.

The two videos I watched were Foundation of Successful Cheerleading, Jumps and Jump Exercisesand Cheers and Chants, Volume 3. Both of which were made in cooperation with the American Cheerleading Federation and written by Mark Bagon, President of the AFC.

The videos were concise and easy to follow. The narration was informative and each technique was shown from different camera angles. I like the pause and rewind function of a VCR and if you can't watch something in person, I think an instructional video is the next best thing.

The Jumps and Jump Exercisesvideo covered everything from prep to landing of an actual jump. There were drills to improve your jumping skills and tips to make your jumps soar. The video instructed you on executing five jumps that included, Tuck Jumps, Spread Eagles, Double Hooks, Side Hurdles, and Toe Touches. It went over the Do's and don'ts of jumping and had an emphasis on learning the basics correctly. If you're looking to improve your jumping technique, this video would definitely be worth the investment.

The Cheers and Chants, Volume 3video covered 12 chants and 6 cheers. The were each demonstrated from a front and back angle, which made them easy to follow and learn. The cheers are not only vocalized but written on the screen. This video begins with a thorough overview of motion techniques including common errors and ends with motion technique drills. It covered the proper way to make a fist, as well as, the T-motion, high V, low V, half T, table top, low touchdown, and high touchdown motions. With four volumes in this Cheers and Chants series of videos, I feel any one of them would make a good addition to your instructional Cheerleading material.

So, if you can't get your Cheerleading squad to a camp or clinic, but want to work on your skills, try one of the many instructional videos that are available.

Do you know of some good Cheerleading instructional material? Send me an email and share it on the About Cheerleading site. Watch for more reviews coming soon.

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