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Learning to Cheer


If your dream is to become a cheerleader, then here is where you'll find information that will help you with tryouts, getting in shape, cheers, jumps, motions and stunting.
  1. Cheerleading Tryouts
  2. Improving Your Cheerleading Skills
  3. Cheerleading Apparel and Gear

Cheerleading Tryouts

Cheerleading Primer, Cheerleading 101 - A comprehensive listing of the different kinds of cheerleading squads and invaluable information on preparing for cheerleading tryouts. From cheers and motions to learning to jump, this is where you'll want to begin your career as a cheerleader.

Improving Your Cheerleading Skills

Cheerleaders never stop learning; they are always honing their skills and looking for ways to become better cheerleaders. This section is for those of you who want to improve your cheerleading skills and abilities.

Cheerleading Apparel and Gear

Here you'll find helpful information on purchasing cheerleading uniforms and other related cheer gear.

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