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Funny Cheer Camp Story - Miss Lady

Share Your Story: Funny or Embarrassing Cheerleading Camp Stories

By Miss lady :)

Where were you?

I was at an NCA cheer camp about two years ago. (I'm a freshman in college now.)

What Happened?

One of the girls on my squad couldn't get her shower to work so the person I was sharing a room with told her she could use ours. While she was in the shower I decided to cook some popcorn, but being as tired as I was I didn't pay attention to how long it was cooking and after a few minutes it began to burn and smoke in the microwave. I quickly pulled it out and the room filled with smoke as I threw the popcorn into the sink and turned the water frantically trying to make it stop. Now while all this was happening my dorm buddy thought I had started a fire and had run into the bathroom and told our friend to get out because there was a fire. So as I turn around from the sink she sprinted out of the bathroom, out the door and down the hallway..........totally naked and soaking wet screaming "FIRE! FIRE!". :D

Tips and Tricks

  • Don't cook popcorn when you're tired :)

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